EXPLAINED: Court BLOCKS Biden’s Vaccine Mandate | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar make sense of the legal hurdles that the Biden administration’s federal vaccine mandate is currently going through now that a judge has blocked the executive order

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  1. 1. – I am not an antivaxer.
    2. – I'm all for vaccine mandates – ON FULLY VETTED AND FUNCTIONAL VACCINES that have stood the test of time.
    3. – I'm all for vaccine mandates. They have saved lives down through the years. BUT, if you are going to mandate a vaccine, it needs to FULLY FUNCTION for more than six months at a time, it needs to prevent transmission AND the LONG-TERM effects must be fully documented. Going to the mat on this based on the current state of the art makes no sense and may do more harm than good.
    4. – If you want to mandate a vaccine that has all the drawbacks mentioned above, then put your money where your mouths are. SHOULDER THE LIABILITY SHOULD SOMETHING GO WRONG. The person who is made nonfunctional gets to keep their home and lifestyle (as much as is possible after major medical damage) and get the best care money can buy – on the public dime. If you aren't willing to do that, telling people the vaccine is "safe and effective" is nothing more than a slogan.
    5. You can't keep jabbing people with a vaccine that can produce these types of reactions that we are seeing. The sheer volume of adverse reactions reported is blowing away a 100 year-long safety record which used to be admirable. Further, each new jab increases the risk of an adverse reaction for EVERYONE – not just those with overactive cytokine responses. Once that kind of reaction kicks in, it is very hard and often IMPOSSIBLE to turn off.

    In short, this is stupid on so many levels that it boggles the mind.

  2. Would Krystal be the sort to turn her neighbors in to the mandate police… oh wait, she is a wealthy elitist Democrat. She pines for power and control over us peasants.

  3. As a libertarian I have principles that are not up for negotiation one is vaccine mandates I truly appreciate Jimmy Dore and he’s stance on this subject we do not agree politically but we do believe in freedom thank you for being principled unlike Krystal Ball Workers should not be burdened with negative tests

  4. I really appreciate your POV and honesty about the Covid pandemic. The following YouTube need your attention. They are from a Congressional panel on Covid Vaccine injuries hosted by Senator Ron Johnson. Unfortunately his anti-establishment politics has kept the government agencies and media from attending this event. The testimonials are gut wrenching and the expert analysis is very legitimate and data based. This issue will be a very long-lasting legacy to the US/World response to SARS-2. hope you agree and will share your thoughts thru your Vlogs.

    Full discussion:


  5. Krystal keeps pointing to the testing option in defense of the mandate, but it doesn't work. Many companies are not offering a testing option due to the time and costs involved. A lot of affected people work from home and going to the office for weekly testing would be a burden for both employees and employers.

  6. Really disappointed in you guys coverage of this topic. Everyone in this administration has previously said that mandates for the general public is wrong. Now they are pushing it. Please understand that modern ethics do not allow such a huge medical privacy overreach. 1905 was BEFORE HIPPA !

  7. I can't tell if Krystal really believes this vaccine measure is justified and covid itself is equal to small pox or if she is trying to present a counter argument to Saagar all the time. She losses me every time she defends this measure .

  8. Glad you pointed out the difference between small pox and Covid. Small pox was almost an assured death sentence for children where there have only been roughly 2 dozen deaths total to children with Covid. Very different illnesses.

  9. It's obvious the federal government isnt the United States government. Their some group of people that started using the powers they had to obtain more powers, and no with those extra powers they are trying to enslave us. They need to be punished in a court of law, serious prison time, audits, everything. It's time they live by the same rules we all live by.

  10. It seems like OSHA requires the need to be to quickly happen…and this has been around for 1.5 years without being seen as a safety requirement for OSHA….to me that means it doesn't reach the level of urgency.

  11. Krystal admits being wrong on Russia Gate and now doubles down on the vax and how dangerous covid is. Very gullible indeed. They keep saying here that that vaccine is so effective but I keep reading scientific reports that it isn't. Which reports are they reading?

  12. Anyone could have saw this coming. Biden mandates then Texas & friends says "…nah." Then it gets stuck in the court system for 2 years. By that time this hysteria to vaccinate everything in existence will no longer be a thing.

  13. If the vaccines actually prevented you from getting COVID and if it were truly a vaccine (they just changed the definition of vaccine btw) then maybe the 1905 coast precedent might be helpful. 🤮🤮🤮

  14. How do these 2 not understand the scientific fact that even if 100% of Americans were jabbed with these nonsterilizing vaccines, we couldn't get rid of covid? The smallpox vaccine stops transmission and infection. Just like the flu vaccine, none of the covid vaccines stops transmission or infection due to the biology of respiratory viruses.

  15. Has the whole world lost its collective mind? No. The President does not have the right to force an experimental gene therapy on people for a BS virus. They need to let doctors treat it with drugs that are actually safe and effective, like HCQ and ivermectin.

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