EXPLAINED: The Classified Materials At Heart Of Trump FBI Raid | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar explain to the Breaking Points audience the specifics of the classified documents at the heart of the Trump FBI raid

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Bradley P. Moss:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. This whole thing against Trump by the democrats is so suspect it’s unreal. Hillary Clinton had dozens of classified documents and emails on her personal home hard drive and were compromised by foreign powers and hackers. She got nothing. Fuckin lame

  2. Maybe Krystal will get her wish and something will come of this.. she's bought into all the rest of the accusations against Trump which never panned out.. but maybe just maybe this will be the one..🖕 Krystal 🤮

  3. @KRYSTAL AND SAGAR So here's the thing… The democrats have almost prosecuted the president on a fake political hit job of a case called "Russia collusion" and Jan 6 comitte for 5 years… I understand the " I'll hold my judgement" logic but it's clear as day it's a NEW POLITICAL HIT JJOB GIVEN OTHERS WERE TOTAL LIES AND POLITICAL IMPRISONMENT LIKE CCP or Putin's Russia

  4. Three pages of documents? Hillary Clinton had a private server with classified information on it that was deliberately installed in her home and used for government purposes.


  5. I would not mind that Trump (or ANY politician) be investigated if he broke the law.
    I would even go as far as suggesting that there should be a regular, scheduled, investigation of EVERY public servant.
    It should be routine. They should expect it.

    I used to work in aviation. Random drug tests, although i never had it, were always expected. Once every two years, we had to have a police check. it was routine.

    I believe that ALL public servants have a very challenging job and they should be paid well for it and given certain privilege's.

    At the same time, they should be constantly watched, held to account and investigated so that those privileges that they are awarded are in line with what they are entitled to. It should be expected that power corrupts and thus they should always be kept in line, ONLY in accordance to the law.


    VERY FEW politicians ACTUALLY get investigated.

    Of those very few who do and are shown or proven to be corrupt, or at least dishonest, are held to account.

    But it's interesting that TRUMP is one of, if not the ONLY politician in recent times who has had his home investigated with very little probable cause. It Is also interesting that non of his lawyers or staff were able to oversee the search.

    His Lawyer had to negotiate to even see the warrant that the FBI officers had.

    I would be very happy to accept that he be being investigated. He had an important job. Had a lot of power. He SHOULD be investigated..
    In fact, EVERY president should be investigated, actually investigated, at the end of his term to ensure that he served the public honestly.
    If this was a routine process I would think that you would see more responsible use of power.

    But somehow I don't think this is the start of a new trend to keep politicians honest. Heaven knows it is greatly needed!

    I think that he will remain, one of the very few politicians that has had his home investigated (invaded)

  6. Demo can't help themselves. They've convinced themselves he's guilty so they run blindly into situations because they "know they'll be able to find the evidence". But they never do…

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