EXPLAINED: Why There is a Red Wave in Europe! | Louder With Crowder

Giorgia Meloni claims victory to become Italy’s prime minister. Here’s why we’re seeing a massive spike in right-wing ideology. Tune in:

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“Eat My Butt”

Written by CrowderBits


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  1. Nice pin drop moment, perhaps some cricket noises are I order? Like calling a donkey a giraffe… doesn't change what the donkey is…. calling conservatives fascists and a threat to democracy is just like that. How does free speech, free and accurate elections by actual verified citizens and more access to fire arms count as facism???? Well sweet hearts, it don't. BTW if your more concerned about the grammar and spelling of comments than you are the constitution perhaps 'merica isn't for you.

  2. Sweden has NO rightwing; we have Left, Lefter, and Leftist. We're moving to the Right in our thoughts, but now we've got too many migrants, it might be too late to get a Rightwing party in power, should one ever form. We seem to like paying a really high price for really poor medical, which is now openly being rationed, for all you who want "universal," i.e., socialized, medicine: it's Leftist. Stop the stupid, and buy private insurance — and defend your rightwing, should your country have one.

  3. Steven, your crazy. Remember what Biden said? 'Newsom did not get recalled because California is setting the standard for what America should be, socialist. It has nothing to do with the fact that 70% of California is registered democrats, which 45% are true liberals.' Yeah, because clearly we all want socialist programs which allow non of us to work and just sit back and collect. Oh wait. Someone has to work to fund their socialism. Oh that is right. THEY are allowed to collect and do nothing while demanding YOU work to fund it.

  4. I'm just going to say it, Fascism is a Leftist ideology. It's basically full control through corporate backing. Who does that? Leftists. Every time.

    You can't be "Far Right" and a Fascist. Literally an oxymoron. According to Leftists, Anarchy and Fascism are on the same side of the political spectrum. These people have 0 critical thinking capabilities.

  5. It should be noted that european right-wingers would generally be demoncrats in Florida. Then again, Trump is hitler, so why shouldn't Meloni be mussolini? (hey, know who put the last two bullets in mussolini? 125 Italian sharpshooters (it's okay, I'm part Italian))

  6. I love how democrats and liberals think they are the middle ground, the center, the balance of politics and that anyone that does not agree with them is far right and extreme. Last I checked, and being a "real" conservatives myself, conservatives have never changed our stance. We have always believed in the same thing. Limited government, low taxes, free market, secure border, marriage between one man one women, protect the innocent unborn, pro-father, pro-constitution, and so on. But what I have seen, is the democrats embracing communism, socialism, and liberals which are getting far more extreme in their views. Used to be abortion for incest, rape, mother at risk, now its abortion on demand. They want complete government control, well as long as THEY are in charge. They want to get rid of all guns. They want wide open borders. They demand you not only accept, but celebrate gay and trans "behavior." That was never the democratic stance.

  7. With this insane inflation and expensive energy prices in Europe, only question is who is gonna be next. Imagine if the USA would produce cheap electricity but they would sell it first to Canada and then many times more expensive buy it back from Canada for US people. Insane right?

  8. To complicate further this " extreme right" fantasy when Mussolini was shot than hanged by his feet, the guy next to him, also shot and hanged upside down, was Nicola Bombacci , founder with Antonio Gramsci of the Communist Party of Italy or PCI, always a pro Soviet Union party.

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