Exploring the YouTube Memory Hole

RazörFist discovered something strange while looking for video clips for a recent rant.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. You know what else is funny? This video didn't show up in my feed and notifications and I watch all of your videos. It's only know that I see it.

  2. We are ruled and micromanaged by sociopathic Kim Jong-Un wannabes, from the Beltway to Hollywood, from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.
    These people hate your guts. Start taking it personally, folks.

  3. It's not just that video, Louder with Crowder had a problem with his Change My Mind segments. Google loves censorship (and I'll call it as such) as shown by their actions.

  4. Yes, it's not just me noticing that stuff is just harder to find.

    These fuckin' tech companies need to just not roll out these stupid-ass features until they actually work at least as good as what was already there.

  5. Interestingly enough, I just tried searching "tyt Election Meltdown 2016" and the 6.4mil views video showed up as the first result. This may either be a region locking issue (I'm searching from Romania), or it could some sort of time-lock that disengages after a set amount of time passes (since it's been more than a year since this video was posted and nearly 3.5 years since the original tyt video meltdown).

  6. Something to add to this, from watching Tim Pool and other new wave/YouTube news pundits it's become clear that Google also heavily favors traditional establishment media, even Fox, over newer content creators. Watching this video again, I noticed that almost all of the top results for TYT's video were mainstream news sources, and searching for yours was all mainstream channels at the top.

  7. Same thing happened with me when I searched for the "we came, we saw and died!" clip by Hillary. That and a load of other vids that make dems look bad just…. Vanished