Explosions seen inside Kyiv as Ukrainians flee the capital

Videos posted by Ukrainian Ground Forces show multiple explosions in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv early on Friday. Ukraine’s operational command said its anti-aircraft defences were attacking Russian aircraft and drones.
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Ukraine also claimed to have shot down a Russian aircraft over the capital. Guardian reporter Luke Harding said hundreds of thousands of people are trying to flee the capital, in car, by foot and on bicycle

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  1. from Japan
    We're going to fight against Putin with you until Ukraine has overcome this difficulties and eliminated Putin from the world.
    We're calling all friends from my family and neighborhoods and my offices to support Ukraine, fighting dirty Putin with Ukraine.

  2. They are likely destroying CIA-SBU facilities and safe houses. Destroying the western implemented secret police and the like is a part of this conflict. That way the momentary Ukrainian government will be less capable of retaliation against all those who have already sided against it.

  3. omg, im a christian in usa praying for safety. i will call my wash dc rep n ask what the hold up is with our troops aiding u. my family is nearby u ready to fight(military). we love u

  4. If West is not sending troops to Ukraine to avoid nuclear war, then how it would be different when Russia want to occupy Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania . It would be same Russia versus same NATO . Would West take a risk of nuclear war because of piece of paper? ….Is piece of paper is more important than human life's and values???

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