EXPLOSIVE AZ Update! Ken Bennett Interview!

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Link to TGP article below!

Written by Nick Moseder


  1. Oh, now you give a shit about signatures? Ffs! I’ve posted literally hundreds of times to videos like this addressing the obvious and not once have any of you seriously acknowledged what’s right in front of your faces. After all it’s not like the democrats haven’t gone to no ends to ensure signatures are wholly avoided. It’s not like they haven’t been openly fighting to do away with them on both state and national levels, yet instead you chase after every Lin Wood nonsensical conspiracy thrown your way.

    Better late than never, I suppose…

  2. Thank you Nick for updating. Anomalies! 50 people from the same flat voting! Of course this is serious! We have to be patience. It has to infold peacefully and secretely until it’s fully blown; that is the cure! God willing! ?

  3. 52 ppl from the same 2 bedroom house. Nothing unusual with that.
    Jovan is too experienced to let something slip, and we know what he’s not saying is perhaps more significant than what he is saying.

  4. I think it’s curious Ken claiming it will take until maybe August September to finish the report when they began extra shifts running 100,000 ballots a day a week or two ago. Even if they hadn’t run any ballots previously 2.1 Million would be reached after 21 days.

  5. They need to arrest the BOS for obstruction if they won’t turn over the routers! Stop being soft on these treasonous traitors rat bastards!

  6. I worked with routers for 20+ years. I think I know what it is. But yea-it could hurt to let the cat out of the bag. Plus a person may need protective custody.