EXPLOSIVE! Biden Staffers CONDEMN Joe For “FAILURE” To Evacuate Americans. His Own Dislike Him.


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  1. As soon as they started referring to, "Americans who want to leave…" I knew people were going to very purposely be abandoned. Not only did they abandon them, they lied about it and bragged about what a great job they were doing.

  2. Eyes wide 😳 open…..Finally!!! It is unbelievable that Even one person thinks Biden is a great job. Less then a year in office Biden has done more damage then any other president. Please tell us what Biden has done "So Good" that it's worth talking about. I'll Wait 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Anyone who provided cover to the "Biden Administration" has played a role in the deaths happened and those yet to come. There is much more blood that will go into the ground of the earth before anything even will start to change in a meaningful way.
    They can keep their "condemnation" to themselves. They played along with it. Now they are part of it.

  4. Winkin, Blinken & Nod are in charge. And America is losing ground every day. We could go in and destroy that equipment so I know it’s deliberate to leave it there. What a nightmare. Biden will pay to get Americans back under the guise of ransom when it’s just giving them more money.

  5. Remember this is the guy who’s son Hunter was employed by a massively corrupt Ukraine gas company and the lawyer investigating that company was fired by joe’s demand to Ukraine government while VP to Obama. Even Obama questioned the conflict of interest, multiple countries investigating that company but because Trump made a call regarding the same thing he was impeached YET Joe does this and no impeachment?

  6. I hope it's mostly Biden voters families that have been left behind…
    That would serve them all right for electing that liar!
    Maybe we can work out a trade..?
    If we give them Nazi Pelosi and Adam Shiff bird, Hillary Clinton, Illhan Omar and Barrak Obama, I wonder how many soldiers they'd be worth?

  7. FAKE NEWS! Dems don't care about leaving Americans behind. Public opinion turned and they're looking for a fall guy so they can save their own skins. Watch. Nobody will take responsibility for what's going on. Time for finger pointing.

  8. You can't have it both ways yeah biting messed up yes he left people behind I don't know why everyone is so focused on Afghan allies there shouldn't have been a single Afghani taken out of that country until every single American has left Afghanistan soil after that then sure we can start taking allies but they shouldn't ever touch American soil until they're fully vetted

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