EXPLOSIVE! Britney Spears Breaks Silence in 1ST AUDIO INTERVIEW! Jamie Lynn & Family Get DESTROYED!

EXPLOSIVE! Britney Spears Breaks Silence in 1ST AUDIO INTERVIEW! Jamie Lynn & Family Get DESTROYED!

Britney Spears News / Britney Spears Hold Me Closer
Excerpt from Daily Mail
Britney Spears and Elton John ‘working on MUSIC VIDEO’ of smash hit duet Hold Me Closer… as she ‘turns down VMAs invite over scheduling’
Britney teamed up with Elton to release Hold Me Closer
The song is a remix of Tiny Dancer and The One
It is Britney’s first single in six years and the first since conservatorship ended
Hold Me Closer reportedly topped the iTunes charts in 40 countries,
That made the pop princess, 40, exclaim: ‘HOLY S***!’
The Toxic singer deleted her Instagram when the track dropped
But she posted celebratory videos to Twitter in the wake of its success

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  1. I knew your Dad was a strict monster and probably doing to you. But didn’t see the worst of it. “I” can’t believe you survived that! Let’s say God showed me, I perceived…when I heard the first reports of you taking your Dad to court to end the conservative, and knew you’d win the case.

    I thank you for sharing your truth, finally. bc I’m 59, nearly paralyzed, (can only walk a few ft, with a cane, I’m fighting to the bitter end, lol. Stage 5 (the last) kidney failure, I’ve had a thyroid that flips from hypo to hyper for 20 yrs now, & I have heart failure – southern girls are made of tuff stuff). With no car, I’ve no way to get my son to a job or me to see anyone. Ive been feeling lonely with no friends & a very verbal, emotional, (& this year I called the law on him for physical violence) abuser. All day everyday & night he’s a constant a hole every time I speak to him, super critical of me. Acts like he’s my husband! Tries to tell me how I should handle my finances!). But he’s my caregiver. I won’t go into a nursing home bc of the vax requirements. So…all this to say, when you spoke I was like, if Brit can preserver, I have nothing to feel too weak to overcome. I gained a new perspective & that gave me more courage & strength. Not by my might, but bc of the God I serve! Praise God! (My childhood, marriage (narcissist) & now my narcissistic 40 yr old son…nothing but trauma except for the 10 yrs I was single after my divorce at 38, 29 yr. marriage, I left & filed.). So hearing this tonight was figuratively & literally a God sent! Thank you Father for encouraging my heart & faith!

    Brit…God is there and He is real, start your day with prayer (including asking for spiritual understanding of what your about to read), then Bible study (read some start with new gospels (New Testament) first. Then ponder it for a while (meditate on His Word). And have a journal there to write down the understanding of what you just read. Just a long suggestion, lol. God bless you for all you’ve been thru. His word says seek yea first the kingdom of God (it’s not outside of you, Jesus says it’s within) and all of this will be made available to you. And what all did He start listing? All of their needs met. When I squirrel mentally into doubt (or looking at things in the natural, physical world, instead of walking my faith (trusting what God’s Word has taught you instead of the circumstances around you, in your life, etc. bc I didn’t take those thoughts of “woe is me” into captivity bc they didn’t line up with the Word, (including Philippians 4:8). I eventually (and doing it a whole lot less, by thinking of the story of when Jesus was summoned by his apostles out in a boat in a bad storm, and He came walking up to the boat, on the water. And Peter wanted to “step out in faith” when Jesus told him he could do it too. Peter’s doing good at first by keeping his eyes locked ini on Jesus, but starts looking at the waves and tempest & got scared, & started sinking, Jesus rescued him of course, So I equate the two.

    God bless you & know you’re in my prayers. Sending so much love & a *BIG hug*!

  2. 5 years ago I said this was going on and the same people crying over it now were the ones who told me I was a conspiracy theorists. Bravo to the people who shut people like me up and helped keep her locked up because they were so small-minded they needed spoon fed their beliefs 👏🙄

  3. Just in case you read this Brittney, I want you to know that I am praying 🙏 🤲 ⛪ for you and God answers prayers on His time;not ours. But remember this that God loves ❤ you every day and night and even before you were born into this world 🌎 ✨ 🎶 💛 💕 💖 Bless 🙌 you my dear ❤ 😘 and your babies 👶 😃❣❣❣❣❣❣

  4. Wow, I wrote a long post speaking to Brit, with some scripture & they didn’t post it. Guess you can’t say “God” or “Jesus” now on YT?!

    This broke my heart to hear. I’m so proud of her for persevering, even if by a thread. God bless her heart! The good thing is she’s now getting on with her freedom &.life, finally! And healing.

    I gleaned so much from watching this also. I really appreciated her speaking to the lonely elderly whom are out there bc I’m in a really bad state (personal life & several fatal health issues.). Im severely physically disabled (been told I should’ve already been in a wheelchair yrs ago.). But even tho I can barely walk across the room now with a cane (really bad wrecked back – sciatic being literally strangled by severe stenosis throughout my entire lower back now along w/nearly everything else wrong incl, severe arthritis throughout it as well, it’s all degenerative.). Also in stage 5 kidney failure & have heart failure that’s gotten really bad.

    To top it off my son is my caretaker who’s quite abusive (narcissist like his Dad, whom I was married to for 20 yrs when I divorced him @ 38.). My son is literally nasty to me, no matter what I say & critical of everything I say, no matter the topic. Day and night 24/7 if he’s not sleeping, I’m not exaggerating. He rages all the time bc he’s so depressed @ his life & our dire situation. Bc with no car, he can’t get to town to find another job, for a few months now. We need an suv bc it would sit high enough to drive him (I could hobble out to the car, once sitting I can function fine to drive bc he’s legally blind & can’t drive. He can see well enough with contacts to walk to a store or work.). Bc I can’t pay all the bills & buy food, so we’re sinking fast! ( We’re now behind on rent & all of our bills.).

    We live in a dump with black mold the owner won’t fix can’t even use half the house, all kinds of major issues for yrs., can’t afford to move. And the only help I can get is $20 a month in food stamps & applications for government housing that have waiting lists so it would be yrs before my name came up. No one moves out of those.& they’re all in your bizz from the apps I was given. I won’t go into a nursing home bc of required shots. And if we end up evicted, there goes any hope of a section 8 or hud home. We’ve no where to go, we’d be on the streets.

    So I gleaned a lot of encouragement, courage, strength, & a change in perspective (more positive.). Some times we get to looking at the waves and start sinking…keep our eyes on Jesus (The Word manifested in flesh), walking by faith not sight. I needed this reminder to put my eyes back on Him & confess scriptures verbally to any negative thoughts that I might not realize Im mulling in the back of my mind. And be way more mindful of my thoughts & words too. And a reminder to live Philippians 4:8. This video was right on time for me…figuratively & literally a God sent! I put my hope in Him to deliver me from all of this & keep us in the meantime. To turn every aspect of mine & my son’s story around. And that I need to pray even harder for my son, that he has a “come to Jesus” moment & truly gives his heart & life to Christ and serves Him.

    So if you read this Brit, know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story…it’s not only going to help you heal, but brought me some too (& many many more ppl too.).You’re going to be better than fine! Praise God! Know that I have such a deep respect for you now. And know that you’re in my prayers! With God all things are possible! Also that the kingdom of God is within (so Jesus said). Sending much love & *BIG hugs*! You’ve got this girl!

  5. Ah, you poor girl… you poor poor girl. I could cry! Well, listen up, YOU are so smart, and so brave! And that's what they feared…because you are you and you control you! Who would think one's parents and sibling could do such harm to their own child???!!! Well, they did! So, they planned to make you "crazy" just so their lives would be "comfortable!" And they did pull it off only because they paid everyone off–all the so-called experts. Your family planned it and all went along with it because they WANTED YOUR MONEY! They wanted to live FREE AND EASY for the rest of their lives. Right now, if I were you, and only if you want to, I would sue the hell out of them for all the "cruel and in humane treatment" they thrust upon you! We're with you, Britney🥰😘👌❤‍🩹, we're with you all the way!!! YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!!!

  6. Ohhh dearest Brittany, I am so very sorry for the abuse that you have had to endure, for many years untill you finally have – YOUR VOICE BACK 💝🙏
    – congratulations to you for speaking up as it will give you power, although damage has occurred here, so incredibly cruel; how you have been treated.

    – I wish you love & comfort
    – you will always have loving alliance
    – I am shocked at how your family has used a situation to benifit

    💝 Stephanie 'Steph' NSW AUSTRALIA ❣️🌟

  7. I've always liked Brittany. Until the "Free Brittany" movement/ campaign (s), I had no idea what she was going through. In my honest opinion """I WOULD NOT PUT IT PAST HER FAMILY TO HAVE OFF -ED HER😭😓😓😓😓" FOR THE MONEY!!! Her Father's a sick controlling greedy sack of garbage. Honestly her mother & Sister we're probably so Jealous they couldn't see straight which is why they did NOTHING! BRITNEY DID THE RIGHT THING BY GOING ALONG WITH "ALL OF IT" UNTIL SHE FOUND A SAFE WAY OUT. I say this because if she tried to escape before the Free Brittany movement, her sick family would have CONTROLLED THE NARRATIVE AND SAID SHE WAS SUICIDAL ETC… MY HEART IS BREAKING 💔 FOR HER!!!! She's going to have DEEP TRUST ISSUES forever…. We all should pray God surrounds her with "GOOD PEOPLE" and hopefully she builds up new bonds to help her through it all. She's traumatized 100% PTSD

  8. It's unbelievable that famous talented people like Britney Spears and Johnny Depp went through what they went through. And they were helpless. 😏

  9. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻so glad you made it out of your so called fathers control ! Totally believe you your father should be serving time . It horrible what happened to you ! Hope you have peace and happiness with your boys ..

  10. Oh her life was so sad, how can family treat you like that, absolutely disgusting, i'd never have anything to do with them, shocking, I hope she now has all the happiness in the world bless her 😢

  11. “I’m Britney Spears now…and I’m calling the shots!”
    Uhhh….Ok, Britney Spears…..have fun singing & dancing on stage, I’ll be on vacation.

    This girl didn’t miss ONE, SINGLE performance in Vegas. It’s completely mystifying how she could be so bonkers that her dad needed to make all of her decisions for 15 years, and stay in complete control of her life, because she was too mentally ill to do it herself, but she was perfectly sane & healthy enough to do an extremely labor intensive show almost nightly. It’s almost as if these weren’t her priorities at all….but someone who stood to profit handsomely by pushing her to the brink of death. It’s infuriating.

    Even if it turns out that she’s batshit crazy, and her dad was right all along (he wasn’t, but *IF*) why does that give them the right to do whatever the hell they want with her money? SHE worked for it, SHE busted her ass for it, it’s HERS. If she wants to spend $2.7 million on Elvis memorabilia, and tiny porcelain cat statues, so what?!? It’s HER money. Her family is gross.

  12. this is one half of a story. I cannot believe her entire family could have done this without having some reason. She must have been self destructive. On the other hand, the family went on to profit – very ugly, opportunistic behaviour. At this point they lost the moral high ground.

  13. You r not alone either !! I am that oddball always feels alone, no one to love, and always only temporarily liked by ppl, because oddbals like us are fun to meet but to weird to stick around with
    hang in there !! maybe you can still salvage some of your life !
    (im in the process of requesting euthanasia for myself, im so tired from fighting, from trying to be "normal" without even knowing how i am, for me the battle is done )

  14. I hope she studies Christianity deeper. God never said earth was a painless sinless place. ‘If there was a God then why would he let this happen’ actually goes against what the Bible teaches. Read about God casting satan out of heaven and the theater of the universe to even begin to understand. There is a battle of good vs evil and we are the solders.

  15. Britney you have a lot of LOVE and SUPPORT from your fans , you never have to be embarrassed about anything, let them judge you , look where you are in life , those that judge you wished they were you and had your success, no matter what people are going to be judged by other people, they don’t matter , what matters is your happiness with your new husband and the life you two build together, like Mellissa Etheridge sings “LETS GIVE’EM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT, you’re older wiser and tell it like it is Sista, we love love love you It’s Britney Bitch …♥️🍷👏

  16. Why should anyone in Britney's inner circle have spoken up during the conservatorship? We all saw what happened with Sam Lutfi. Britney threw him under the bus in court documents and reduced him to a "sometimes friend", even though he fiercely defended her in 2008 (and for YEARS) and maintained that the conservatorship was a sham. Everything the public is NOW saying about Jamie Spears, Lynne Spears, Lou Taylor etc. is what Sam was saying back in 2008 and on! Britney has yet to come to his defense to clear his reputation……..

  17. I didn't need the prohibitive question just now . She is not a weird introvert she's abused by an alcoholic father and a system where the same double standard that sadists have always used to weaken and control others to generate power and income prevails which has always been despicable . Thank goodness there has been a change . I'm sorry her lifetime demands to be over sexualised resulted in her getting naked online recently and is being used against her with her kids again . How many people like to skinny dip when alcohol is on the scene , many , probably best not to make that public , I knew it would be made an issue when I saw it .

  18. Wow, I wonder why she deleted it. That was so heart breaking to hear but so brave of her to do! I hope she continues to do whatever she needs to do in order to heal. Her family all deserve to be charged criminally especially mom, dad. It’s a parents job to PROTECT a child, LOVE, INCLUDE, and make HAPPY and they did the opposite. For what? Money and control? Sick.

  19. I can't believe how disgusting this family was! Keeping her isolated and policing her finances, she couldn't even use a few dollars out of her hard earned millions to have a bit of enjoyment in her life!

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