EXPLOSIVE Leaked Audio Reveals Joe Biden’s TRUE CHARACTER. Biden Is TOAST As Lefties TURN ON HIM.


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. Basically leftist scream and holler calling Trump a racist then they turn around and elect a racist into office. ?

    Also as far as the gun control thing I’m glad all my firearms were “lost” in a “boat accident”

  2. Why don't politicians understand we don't have a gun problem, we have a crime problem.
    Arrest, try and convict criminals and follow thru on punishment. No more death row inmates for 30 yrs.
    And self protection is not a crime.

  3. Progressives have already swamped the majority of institutions in the west, once they have power it's done. Liberty and freedom is going to disappear. It is truly sad. Weak politicians and a mostly indifferent populace have brought us here.

  4. Joe or Hunter will not be investigated or anything. If they were going to do anything they would have by now. If Joes in the WH. China is in the WH. And they cheated him in.