Explosive Recording of Assange Warning State Department

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. Wish Richard Medhurst could testify in court in Julian Assange's defense! But mainstream, elite 'News media' would probably redact his testimony as well

  3. Be careful. Project Veritas has a special talent for editing in such a way that it is convincing that what they publish conveys the polar opposite of what the truth actually is. Let the dust settle before coming to any conclusions on this. Let’s see how Wikileaks responds to this report. Not sure about the manner in which this material is being published/edited but be warned. Project Veritas is legitimately evil and has been prosecuted for its deceptive editing. Let it breathe before drawing conclusions.

  4. The Crimes of the United States are a continuum Richie. They have never stoppped and now, even as I write this short note having watched your piece, fact is that US has probably committed another Crime. if not another War Crime in some far-distant corner of the world.

  5. With all due respect, it doesn’t excuse him that they redacted the leak.
    It’s not private citizens job, nor are they authorized to make those decisions, just sayin
    Not that i think he should be prosecuted, but “we redacted” isn’t a valid excuse

  6. this is why Sarah Palin suddenly supports Assange. Her cronies at project Veritas released this, likely because they hate Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, not because they actually support Assange

  7. Why do you have so many advertisements up? I literally got 6 advertisements for the video. Completely blocks the entire flow of your argument – I completely agree with your points but it's too painful to skip through these.

  8. it seems they dont give a damn about their credibility anymore …..their media stupidly still tow the line and remain silent by this …….we have all been scammed

  9. When AOC says there are 'concerns' with regards to Assange she obviously means hacked DNC emails, Russiagate etc
    By repeating these falsehoods she's actually helping to cover for Hillary Clinton :/ but I'm not sure she's aware of that.

  10. The bug I have over this whole idea of pardoning Julian is that, he hasn't been convicted of anything!
    What is there to pardon?
    What we do have is not a trial but a persecution of Julian.
    That is what has to end.

  11. Still, it was ultimately Wikileaks' fault to put the encrypted file on their site. At the very least, each recipient of the cables should have been assigned a unique password and receive an individual copy re-encrypted with that key. Yes, Assange did put his best effort trying to mitigate the consequences, nonetheless, the milk has been spilled by that time and there was hardly anything that the State Dept. could have done about it. I wouldn't use 'reckless' to describe Wikileaks' approach to OpSec, 'unprofessional' seems more appropriate. However, I can easily imagine that 'guys' at the State Dept. saw it differently.

  12. With all due respect, if you would kindly leave the GD out of your language, it would be listened to by more people and wouldn't cast a negative impression about Assange by your inconsiderate language choices. I want Assange pardoned. But I had to cut off your video and can't recommend it to others due to the use of GD, which is worse than the f word. Suggestion for Assanges sake, please clean up the video so more people will view it. Thank you.