EXPLOSIVE truth about Ukraine exposed as Zelensky asks China for help | Redacted w Clayton Morris

Ukrainian President Zelinskiy says that he would like to speak with Chinese President Xi about having China begin sanctions on Russia. Meanwhile, a new report from Amnesty International confirms that Ukraine is violating international war standards by putting civilians at risk.

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Written by Redacted


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  1. So the Russians (and all journalists on the ground) told (officially?) the truth about Ukrainians breaking the genfer convention committing warcrimes, using civilians as human shields.
    What a fucking surprise, innit?
    For fucks sake.

  2. Ukrainian forces endanger civilians by using homes, schools: Amnesty
    Ukrainian forces have exposed civilians to Russian attacks at times by basing themselves in schools, residential buildings and other places in populated areas, according to Amnesty International.

    In a report released Thursday, Amnesty said its researchers between April and July “found evidence of Ukrainian forces launching strikes from within populated residential areas, as well as basing themselves in civilian buildings in 19 towns and villages” in three regions of the country.

    Amnesty also said it found Ukrainian forces using hospitals as military bases in five places, which the human rights group called “a clear violation of international humanitarian law”.

  3. Seems Ukraine is a beggar nation huh.
    Anyone else see this coming?
    Zelensky is a failed politician and a terrible tactical commander… But don't take my word for it… Just LOOK.

  4. The ukrainian army wears the logo of the kaza rian state, read about that it's very interesting history from 800 after christ. You find nothing about it on ytb……..and if i comment on that 2 seconds and gone.

  5. i been saying it for months and now itscoming out thank god, people need to pull there heads outta there assess and realize how evil the biden administation is, they know damn well that the few weapons that do end up in the hands of the ukraine and not destroyed or sold on the dark web are being used mostly to shell civilians and not just the russian seperatees, there own people, and believe or dont that they hardly are used against the russians, they couldnt if they wanted to cause russia owns them completely , russia attacks them and they dont even have a chance to fire back. thats probably part of the reason they dont stop shelling the civilians cause there so overwhelmed and unprepaired and there taking it out on people . innocent people! think about this if putin didnt make a move all these nazis would still be out there thank god the russians got rid of most of them!

  6. Violation of International Law? Violation of their own signing of the ban? Remember, the people that are condoning and promoting these violations are the political elite of the United States and the European Union who are NEVER held responsible for their atrocities.

  7. USA has fell for the trap. They have depleted their military hardwares by sending billions to Ukraine. Nex t they will deplete more hardwares stocking Taiwan. China and Russia have allied. China is about to invade Taiwan. USA has a depleted war machine. Putin is no fool but USA is and fell for the trap of weakening their war machine. And top it off…Pakistan just now has starting missile,attacks against Isreal. These fools in charge of USA will have us all 6 foot under.

  8. The world is tired of this beggar Zelensky. Stop crying and bumming from us. If you can't win then surrender you lose! Stop killing your people!

  9. I believe that Zelinsky is seeking protection from China As he is being abandoned by the US and NATO and as Sullivan hinted that Zelinsky’s life is in danger 🇨🇦👀

  10. Does anyone else find in concerning that almost 100% of the world leaders are members/supporters of the World Economic Form? Putin, Xi Jinping, Trump, Biden, Trudeau, Scholz, Alberto Fernandez, Jacinda Ardern, Karl Nehammer, Mark Rutte and the list goes on. Don’t be fooled into believing the lie that these wars and rumors of wars, the famine, pestilence and death are natural, because they are not, they are by design and engineered for a New World Order or more recently called a Great Reset. Just like in George Orwells 1984 the global community are continuously being deceived into believing in a fictitious enemy which allows the elite to stay in control and constantly shaping the narrative. Why would the elite conspire against the people? Why wouldn’t they if they had everything to gain and nothing to lose? Just as the bible states a wicked and unrepentant world will receive the leadership it deserves. Much love and blessings

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