EXPLOSIVE Truth About Vaccines & COVID w/Inventor Of mRNA Vaccine Technology, Robert Malone

DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. At 12:33 he mentions, "… the headlines of the Toronto Star…"
    At 14:30 he talks about how the excessive use of vaccines is driving the virus to escape through evolutionary selection the benefits of the vaccine.
    At 15:25 he talks about how, "…natural infection provides broader, longer lasting and up to 20-fold more effective immune response in terms of preventing reinfection than [the] vaccine does…"
    At 20:30 he talks about how "you cannot vaccinate your way out of the risk of that virus during an active outbreak with an imperfect leaky vaccine…"

  2. 5:22  no drug is risk free, but we know how to take well-known risks as we get into cars, planes etc. 8:05  the gov acknowledges there are known and uncharacterized risks incl birth defects, etc and risks of reactivation of latent viruses like shingles, epstein barr, cytomegalovirus, etc.

    10:55  every medical procedure/treatment, doctors need to fully disclose the risks in plain language and you must willingly consent to accept the risks.  11:55  and the rights of the collective do not outweigh the rights of the individual. 

    12:30  toronto star headlines suggest it's acceptable to withhold medical treatment to the unvaxxed. 14:09  i strongly disagree with mandatory vaccines.  it's unethical/unconstitutional and it's not good medical practice.  overuse of vaccines will drive development of viruses/variants that evade vaccination rendering them ineffective.  it's already happening.
    17:05  mass vaccination drive variants turning the vaxxed into superspreaders.    

    19:50  dr robert malone: many incl geert vanden bossche illustrate that we cant vaccinate ourselves out of a pandemic during an outbreak with an imperfect leaky vaccine. and trying to do so risks driving new variants and something like marek's disease. 22:33  even if we all had air tight N95 masks on all the time, the viruses will still spread through population.  these leaky vaccines and authoritarian policies will not get us back to normal.  23:49  they're substituting opinion for data on whether to do this or that (masks, lockdowns, vaccines and boosters) which isnt ok, using it to implement authoritarian measures over the sanctity of the individual.

    26:05  vaccines are not linear, sometimes more can shutdown the immune system, so 3rd 4th jabs are risky.  

    27:15  we need to return to 'evidence based medicine' and allow doctors to practice medicine and use early treatment drugs.  the gov is adamantly opposed to early treatment ex. if you're having trouble breathing and go to a hospital, they check your blood oxygen and it's low but not low enough so they send you home untreated.  28:50  instead we have appointed bureaucrats telling us what to do on behalf of pharma interests.

    29:30  most nations incl poor are not dying at the high rate we are in the USA due to wider use of HCQ and IVM.  
    33:05  the covid vax are excessively leaky thus only 50% effective after 6 months, so it'll never get us to herd immunity.
    34:40  when i had covid, i discovered pepsid worked for me as an early treatment to counter it.

    38:45  dore: WHO model list of essential medicines openly includes ivermectin.
    39:40  NIH advises MD's prescribe ivm in trials.
    42:07  can a drug ex ivm be 'right wing'?  without comment, i tweeted an NIH 1/1/2021 study showing IVM leads to lower mortality and got called a 'horse dewormer'.
    46:10  rolling stone pushes bogus story about 'gunshot victims left waiting as horse dewormer overdoses overwhelm Oklahoma hospitals'
    51:07  everyone knows ivm is on WHO list of essential medicines, prescribed to billions, that the head of doctor's association in japan recommends it to everyone who has covid.

    53:45 malone: msm/legacy media is owned by 6 companies with structural crosslinks and integration with pharma industry.  ivm is 80% effective and perfectly safe.  
    56:35  the low incidence of covid in africa tracks with lack of obesity, lack of processed foods.  it's a disease of elderly and obese.
    58:02  btw HCQ is proven safe in pregnancy, which isnt true for these vaccines.

    59:00  war profiteering… big pharma has compromised the gov, media and big tech.
    1:00:45 inappropriate unprofessional fda communications on ivm talking down to red state americans (half the citizenry).
    1:03:15  if you give pharma an inch they take a mile.  
    1:06:39  mexico rolled out ivm to everyone after success in ICU and their numbers are down.

    1:09:05  dore: if you were in charge how would you attack covid crisis?
    1:09:15  malone:  peter navarro and i addressed this in washington times with a 4 pronged proposal.  
    1:09:37  we need to save the vaxx we have and use it to globally protect elders and high risk populations ex obese and not deploy it universally and risk driving new variants and something like marek's disease.  we need to allow doctors to practice medicine.  we need to allow early treatment drugs like hcq/ivm.  we need to get rapid false-positive test kits to homes.  get computational tools/apps to identify your covid risk.

  3. Alcoholics don't get life-saving liver transplants, and smokers don't get life saving lung transplants. Why should an unvaccinated person who contracts covid get an ICU bed when a person who suffers a trauma needs it?

  4. Yes, but the risks of getting in your car or airplane in 2021 is NOT same as when these modes were first engineered. Only through time, study and understanding, testing, have they become less risky. We are only at the experimentation of these new vaccines.

  5. Heard him speak many times. Don't trust him a bit. Risks, risks,risks. How many have to die before they stop this? My mom, and father in law died from jab, and my brother is dieing now. Do your research, and learn exactly how this jab works. He's a liar.

  6. Diseases that shed need to be treated differently than non shedding disease. The vaccinated are feeling safe but they arent. They are shedding or spreading as much if not more than those with covid.

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