#EXPOSEANTIFA Part III: “We believe in complete abolition of the system itself, including police…”

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Written by Project Veritas

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  1. The System DOES need to come down. It has become intensely anti white (the very descendants of the people that founded America). Fact is US needs to be a white ethno state. Whites should have ALL THE power and privelege in our country. Same goes for Europe. Right idea, wrong group of people. But hey, let them do the heavy lifting and catch the System attention. See you at the collapse.

  2. I am working class and do not share these dumb ideals. This is Marxism/Socialism. I have friends from Venezuela who escaped to US from this type of tyranny. These young kids are brainwashed. They have absolutely no understanding of history.

  3. I love when people call themselves "communist anarchists." Those ideologies are opposites! Communism is absolute control and restriction of resources by the state, while real anarchy is the absence of rulers, not rules. They are mutually exclusive

  4. I don’t quite understand all the secrecy when the info given is so detailed. Anyone with knowledge of the events would be able to pick this person out pretty easily I imagine. It strikes me that if these losers weren’t a bunch of commies they’d prob have a lot in common with the boog boys. ??

  5. Again unsubstantiated claims. This journalist showed zero proof towards any of her claims. In fact the video showed that THEY DON'T CONDONE SHOOTING POLICE AND WILL EVICT MEMBERS THAT EVEN HINT AT IT. Plus when i think of terrorists i think COLORING BOOKS. This "journalist" has nothing even remotely incriminating. Where is the recording of her conversation that resulted in her ousting where they state "they don't believe in reform of any kind"? You can show video of one of them shooting guns (uh oh does that mean the NRA is terrorist?) but not a single word recorded or picture taken proving anything even remotely illegal or terrorist leaning. In fact most antifa violence you may have heard of, even at the BLM protests, have been attributed to far right, or white nationals trying to sabotage the BLM movement, attack police, put blame on antifa and misinform people as to the source of violence. Just the mention of antifa leads these groups to go out in droves to harass and terrorize anyone even falsely accused of being antifa.

  6. The FBI would be doing this but they're still looking at a NASCAR garage door stringy. They rushed to that but haven't done anything about the Clintons, Spygate, Obamagate, Biden's shaking down countries for money or any of the Congressional campaigns misuse of money. Why should they start working now? They're on easy street making the big American tax paid bucks with bennies.

  7. They might think they're a militia wait till the retired people who serve get fed up and hit the streets you're going to see accurate quick deadly kills and it will be carried out with extreme prejudice just like they spread their Nazi ideals of anti-white and no free speech time for these dirtbags to meet their communist maker it doesn't matter if you pick them off during the riot or catch him individually at their home address but this corrupt leftist government is doing nothing to stop them and everything to try to stop people from protecting themselves in our country this shows you what other enemies were up against corrupt CIA corrupt FBI corrupt. All under Obama scumbag that are still in place Trump needs a mass firing and rehiring

  8. 3:48 Dude lifts his head and flinches with every shot. I am all for minorities exercising their second amendment rights. I just hope they get proper lessons on gun handling and safety instead of relying on these knuckleheads. A proper NRA course would be the better route.

  9. Do you realize the freedom of information I could request camera footage of you at the gun range. Your a person same as me. Wait let me goggle how many gun range are in shelby North Carolina

  10. And they want to create a new Worker’s Paradise, just as their heroes did in Russia. Their heroes created an impoverished country run by a small number of elites who had absolute power. And Stalin used that power to murder tens of millions of subjects for some kind of crime, usually dissent.

  11. Good to know this is literally in my area seems like we have some cockroaches around us I can tell by the voices and accents they are not from here I'm born and raised this is not the area nor the state to try any bullshit like this

  12. Ive never even seen an antifa in north eastern bc, but if i do I’d love to give them a taste of anarchy. They blather about abolishing police but if the police weren’t always present at their riots PROTECTING THEM, patriots would probably eradicate their man-bun asses in short order.

  13. Ooooh, these EVIL and SCARY people do BAD things like use their second amendment rights. They believe EVIL things like workers should control the government. They admire VILLAINS like Harriet Tubman. ROFLMAO wow they're regular Bolsheviks hahaha.

  14. so the alphabet agencies are essentialy traitors & are incapable of providing ANY "intel" for local or regional law enforcement for their own safety, take note AMERICA

  15. When anyone says they are for abolishing the police, I agree with them and ask what do we replace them with.
    #1 How about an Unarmed Citizen Force that arrests people, but they are escorted by Armed Citizens Volunteers?
    #2 How about Citizen's On Green and White Motorcycles that can ticket people for speeding and running stop signs and red lights?
    #3 How about a Judge Dredd department that handles anyone who abuses or does not comply with the Unarmed Citizen Force?

    You see they are forced to realize something has to be in place to keep Lawlessness from taking over.
    It helps if you can cite crime statistics while making suggestions.
    Force them to explain who will respond to crimes… to real crimes.
    Who will handle investigations of crimes… real crimes.

    #4 If we have nothing viable to replace the police with, we are not allowed to think about getting rid of the police.
    #5 If we think we have the right to use weapons to solve societal things we see as criminal, then everyone else has a right to having the police.

    I mean, I agree with you for the sake of this reasonable intelligent conversation on the topic, but it has to be a reasonable intelligent conversation. As a Personal Socialists (and I am in real life), I believe in Law and Order, Protecting the Widow and Fatherless Babies, Feeding the Poor, Making Sure Everyone Has Opportunity For A Basic Education and Opportunity To Gain Skills so they can work to support their self and loved one's. I reject Marxism because he only studied the bible to write his Manifesto, so I follow what he studied, but I believe in it and he did not. This is why I reject Marxism. "From each according to their abilities, to each according to their need.", is Karl Marx plagiarizing the Bible that says over 3,000 years before Marx, "Those who gathered little had nothing left over and those who gathered little hade just enough." So I have the original that is not violent and is not government or mob controlled, but is Personal. Marxism is like a pack of Vultures but the original is being wise as Serpents and harmless as Doves. This is why ours does not stack up dead bodies, but Marxism does.

    Usually they can tell they have been lied to and are in a fantasy dystopian cult.
    Nobody has ever been able to prove that Karl Marx the Jew did not study the bible.
    His parents were Christian Jew's and his family a long line of Jewish Rabbi.
    Most people, even Marxist's do not know this.