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  1. im a woman and I want her so badly to be charged for fabricating this whole situation. She's a total turd and its people like her that make it hard for actual victims to come forward and be believed. I want her to get whatever would come her way if her gender was different.

  2. They did look so fake. Too tidy everything placed in one shot. Clean surfaces. No marks scuffs. This goes on and on. Probably the biggest mistake that will cost her dearly.

  3. I just don't understand why these people dont realise the police in America are heightened as well. They pull over people who have guns in their car. Ridiculous

  4. She is very good at faking photos isnt she .? She told the judge recently she wouldnt know how to fake pictures .?? .
    She also admitted to using a fake ID to travel Europe and to work on films she faked her parents signatures. What a little criminal . Beat johnny Depp up ,fake pictures ,faked documents .

  5. Tbh Munroe and A Turd are racist loreal can kick rocks, AH is more infamous now than famous her narcissim and schemes are so elaborate and it shows, she comes across as an incredibly machiavellian and spiteful, I truly think she specifically uses men for $ / power , she doesn't care about anyone or anything except herself and her own interests she proved that during this trial when not only did her abuse and behaviour/ lies come to light but also her willingness to throw those close to her be they family/ friends/ exes under the bus to save her own ass. She needs some serious lessons in accountability, and should see the inside of a prision for all of this. Abuse is wrong no matter who is doing it.

  6. You my friend are incredible- really REALLY appreciate your content- I soak it up like a sponge! Brilliant work
    Ps you really should sent your insights to his legal team- uv picked up on soooo many points that they haven’t and would be absolutely vital to his case

  7. If she thought she could convince him he'd made her bleed there must have been contact?
    Maybe light, maybe accidental. Probably when he was protecting himself from her I spose.