EXPOSED! Elon Musk just WRECKED Twitter executives with this new twist! Stocks PLUNGE!

Elon Musk is anoit to expose Twitter in court!

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  1. He'll either get a better deal or they'll have to share things they don't want to pick. Who knows what else he'd drag into the light they don't want known.

    I don't believe he's being reckless with tens of billions on the line. If he didn't really care he'd pay the $1 billion and wash his hands of the whole thing.

  2. i think they will go to court, and they will trash the stock more and, in the end, elon will get it for 18 to 20 dollars a share because all of the fraud will be out in the open and companies who spent millions for advertising will then have grounds to sue twitter into the ground their only hope is if elon buys it other wise it is done they have shown real grounds for the heads of twitter to be arrested and they lose everything anyways not only that they have committed fraud on their investors meaning everybody who owns so much as 1 stock could join a class action suit

  3. Musk surely understands hes sabotaging his business getting political, he should just focus on his businesses. Those small homes are important, coul dbe a way to get homeless off the streets, those little homes hes invested in for $50'000 could be away to get all the homeless off the streets in LA…, theres the space X and theres tesla. All of these things are in jeapody because hes bothering with political garbage, right and left stupid sht. Sure the right will support him, but thats beside the point, you want business from EVERYONE not just right and left, everyone. This is why many companys dont allow (or use to, like leave your personal problems at the DOOR whe you are at work) for religious conversation OR political conversation at work. But in saying that, facebook and twitter should be held accountable if businesses use it for advertising and produce CORRECT human numbers for marketing purposes.

  4. Last few years I've really started to begin to wonder how much of "big tech" is actually viable businesses, and how much is just elaborate scams? We are so far behind on regulation(and zombie politicians actually understanding the subject matter) of this sphere of the economy that it is beyond moronic….

  5. Twitter management should probably avoid going to court or take the reduce money from the sale. The investors are extremely angry with the deal getting canned by Musk, I doubt they gave him the full data concerning the bot accounts since it inflates their numbers and if the discovery portion finds its true that a good portion of the accounts are fake it could affect Twitter stocks even worse.

  6. Historical milestones in the history of humanity:
    * First amphibian going into land
    * Humans discovering wheel and fire
    * Humans go to the moon.
    * Creating reusable rockets
    * Elon Musk exposing Twitter bots

  7. Elon declared he could step back before SEC. The reason for him to step back is the same for any investor not to buy stock. I see no reason to even settle. But they could settle a cheaper price to buy Twitter

  8. Two players face off in a HIGH-stakes game of poker…

    Twitter: "I see your refusal to buy and raise you with a LAWSUIT!"
    Elon: "Hm. Let's take this to court and the world will see why I want to buy you for less…call!" ^___^
    Twitter starts sweating buckets…!

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