EXPOSED: FBI Investigation of Fauci Bat Coronavirus Grant!

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton joins Vince Coglianese on “The Vince Coglianese Show” on WMAL in Washington D.C. to discuss Judicial Watch receiving 1651 pages of records from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealing an FBI “inquiry” into the NIH’s controversial bat coronavirus grant tied to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The records also show National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) officials were concerned about “gain-of-function” research in China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2016. The Fauci agency was also concerned about EcoHealth Alliance’s lack of compliance with reporting rules and use of gain-of-function research in the NIH-funded research involving bat coronaviruses in Wuhan, China. LISTEN NOW!


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Written by Judicial Watch


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  1. Go Go Tom!!! They have lied so big and so long they have created their own self proofing alternate reality that makes us the Enemy for Refusing to walk off the cliff at their commandments!!!
    May they Rot in the Hell of their own Design!

  2. Thanks for exposing these evil people. Sadly, Department of injustice won't move a finger to do anything about it. I'm one of millions that don't trust our corrupt government.

  3. YouTube is fake just like Twitter with their propaganda BS cutting off comments not showing dislikes and I'm sure that the likes are 10 times higher than what they're showing bot controlled to push their narrative and make you think that you're all alone and the masses don't agree with you LMAO f*** YouTube and f*** China and f*** Twitter

  4. The Gain Of Function , And Fauci Along With The Chinese Government Created Covid, Amazingly At The Same Time We We’re Having A Presidential Election ! Fauci Is Completely Guilty For His Hands On Design Of A Deadly Virus , And It Was Released On Purpose ! Fauci Should Be Prosecuted For Treason !!!

  5. Sleepy sleazy creepy Joe Biden announced on national TV that ' There's Going To Be Another Pandemic ' and he repeated it 3 times! This is and was a Government run plan, just like these mass shootings in our public school systems! I have no doubt about the lengths our federal government is willing to go to , to turn our Constitutional Republic into a Socialist/ communist regime!

  6. How did you just find this out? I have the original nature magazine article unedited that the first line says Dr shii went with samples of the Corona virus from our cdc back to wihan for the purpose of gain of function research. The very first sentence says so.

  7. I wanna know how they can say that they were studying enhanced viruses viruses that can't happen naturally in naturally a nature that doesn't even make sense If it can't happen naturally in nature then there was nothing to worry about other than these morons Weaponizing to kill humans

  8. We know, as we are presently living the truth, that the covid pandemic was meant to control and use people as experimental specimens to see how far they could get away with breaking humanity. Fauxi is the Mengele of the 21st century and like Mengele who eluded authorities he eventually drowned and he suffered a stroke while swimming. What is the point of this Mengele story and what does it have to do with Faux-i? Eventually, Faux-i will stop swimming and drown in the sea of accountability.

  9. Keep it up, Tom! We know there’s so much corruption in our country. It’s amazing that so many in Congress and Biden don’t care and ignore crime! They arrest people on Right only. Fauci is a lying fraud!

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