EXPOSED Homophobic Racist Leads Anti-Chappelle Protest

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  1. I think we consistently disagree about how to better solve economic problems, but I really admire how you stick to your principles on individual freedom – particularly free speech. And I also admire how you are consistent with principles, and don’t give into to partisan tribalism.

  2. sigh This person is not leading any Netflix walkout, Jimmy. The people in power made that up. I'd never even heard of this person. You're not doing yourself any favors right now, supporting a dick like Chappelle. I didn't watch the Chapelle special because I've been boycotting Netflix for years because of how they treat their workers. Why don't you do a video on how Neflix fucks up their workers, Jimmy? Comedy is about punching up. Punch up. Dave Chapelle is a multimillionaire who needs absolutely no protection from poor people.

  3. So, those tweets are old like was said and she has since gone on record to apologize and hold herself accountable for them before they were brought back out against her for the Netflix walkout, which happened because trans employees want trans voices to be an actual part of this conversation by hiring more trans people there and showing more content from trans creators. Nobody's trying to "cancel" Dave besides bullshit liberal corporate media, he's just using that dumb shit to rile his fanbase the same way Shapiro/Peterson/Crowder/Trump do after he weaponized his purposeful ignorance of us to pit two marginalized groups against eachother instead of using actual empathy to relate our shared suffering and oppression to bring us closer together. Also, y'know, black trans people exist and are the most vulnerable group of trans people to anti-trans violence and bigotry. I'm obviously not condoning Facebook's censorship or what Ashlee said but it's old news that was brought back up to specifically assassinate her character and lessen this protest. Jessie Gender's more recent video on this, "How Dave Chappelle's "Cancelling" Weaponizes Anti-Trans Division", does an excellent job of talking about it along with obviously Ashlee's tweet and IG posts about it, and F.D. Signifier's video "Dave Chappelle Only Tells Half the Truth". I doubt Jimmy will see this or do anything to bring up the other side of this but it was worth a try, I guess.

  4. I would never have watched the Chappelle special without all the protestations from the left. I saw him go after women, white people, jews, gays, and use the N-word about ten thousand times. But all anyone is upset about is the shit he said about trans people. BTW…the "asian hate" is mostly black people. This bitch proves it.

  5. Let me ask, are you focusing on this human trash fire because she's an easy target, as opposed to B Pagels Minor (the trans Netflix whisteblower)? Because the latter has a better claim to grievance.

    I'd expect that if you concerned with intellectual honesty you would tackle the more valid concern instead of the obvious hypocrite.

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