EXPOSED: Hunter Biden Helped Finance Biolabs in Ukraine

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  1. Speaking of this topic: What I find most interesting about Klaus Schwab is his predecessor, Günther Schwab, who was a former Sturmabteilung (Brownshirt) and a committed member of the NSDAP (Nazi Party) back in 1930. Günther founded the World League for the Protection of Life in 1960 some years after the fall of Nazi Germany. This vision was fueled by social Darwinism, aryan biased eugenics measures, and given the push-back he received— he switched gears into pushing for Nazism ideals by masking his agenda using ecology & a green movement to force radical change to justify the means of his more sinister plans of bringing about the 4th reich.

    Günther died around 2006, but made great headway in bringing about the 4th reich. His spirit lives on today with Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF (World Economic Forum) and leader of the Davos convention. He was the head lead to everything that you see today, from the pandemic, to even the war in Ukraine. I want to also point out that Canada has been doing joint operation training with Neo-Nazi groups such as the Azov Battalion & C14 within Ukraine just a few months prior to Russia’s invasion. Furthermore, the US State Department confirmed existence of multiple biolabs (BSL-4: highest biolab safety level) that likely contain deadly pathogens or genetic weapons, all funded by the DoD. Totally no coincidence at all, right? Especially with what Trudeau is doing in Canada? Wake up, people.

    [Edit: I am unsure if Günther is biologically related to Klaus, but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is how eerily self-similar their ideological framework is set within their organizations. Predecessor is not limited to blood-relation; it’s more about picking up what was left off. I assumed this was obvious, but seeing some of these comments have clearly pointed out the pint-sized consciousnesses in our concurrent “NWO-controlled” populace. Hopefully this elevates the collective unconscious, as Jung termed, by bringing about clarity & awareness through threads like these. Maybe I’ll do more than just this in the future].


    I could further stress Bill Gates and other Zionist technocrats that work with this Neo-Nazi fascist regime, but I assumed that connection would be quite easy to make. For example: Zelensky the puppet is Jewish. If the odds justify the means, they’ll do it. Even Hitler had an SS infantry unit comprised of around 4500 Indians from India escaping persecution.

    These henchmen (Klaus Schwab, Justin T, Zelensky, Zolomoyskyi, Yuval, etc.) are merely hired blue collared criminals compared to the true upper-tier society of elites- a circle of tyrants, if you will, and I suspect these elites are actual 4th Reich Nazi’s who mask themselves from society. Mark all operation paperclip scientists and Nuermberg trial escapees as potential elites, trace their bloodline, as they are certainly apart of their hierarchy much like Klaus Schwab here.

    Please research the following individuals:

    – Archive on wiki Ihor (Igor) Kolomoyskyi

    – Archive on wiki Lead Eugenicist & Biotechnological Engineer of WEF Yuval Noah Harari

    – Archive on wiki BlackRock Brian Deese

    – Breaking News: $2.4 billion fund under Hunter Biden
    involved in financing US-backed biolabs in

    The Russian Defense Ministry released on March 24 the latest results on the analysis of information about the 30 Pentagon-funded Ukrainian biolabs engaged in dangerous and illegal research on deadly pathogens.

    US officials and Western media at first denied that such labs existed, but a senior administration official has subsequently confirmed their presence, according to Sputnik.

    An investment firm connected to US President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, has been involved in the financing of the Pentagon's military biological program in Ukraine, Igor Kirillov, the head of Russia's Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces, mentioned during a briefing on Thursday.

    "Incoming material allowed us to trace the interaction scheme between US government agencies and the Ukrainian biolab," Kirillov said, adding that the involvement in financing these activities by structures close to current US leadership, in particular Hunter Biden's Rosemont Seneca investment fund, draws attention to itself.

    According to information from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the fund has at least $2.4 billion in investment capital.

    Honorable Topics:
    Ethnic bioweapon: Well, they have viruses by design like SARS-CoV-2 & it’s unique spike protein. It’s an ethnic bioweapon that causes upper (lower in some cases) respiratory disease (COVID-19) that causes higher mortality rates in Black, Hispanic, and AIAN (Native American and Alaska Natives). You can thank the ace-2 receptor and how melanin blocks out Vitamin D3 for that one. These scumbags are clever when it comes to creating ethnic bio-weapons.

    mRNA Vaccines: What’s in them? Why are they released in batches with different ingredients? Seems suspicious when you tie that in with “bad” batches going to lower-income and/or melting-pot based areas using ethnographic data. Also, what’s very suspicious is how Pfizer is retaining their data for 75 years, and what’s been released thus far is alarming- to say the least.

    Connect the dots yourselves. Archive the aforementioned before it changes on wiki and validate all information provided here yourself. I am not sure what we’re up against here but it is clear that it’s a form of eugenic-driven totalitarianism.
    Their propaganda has found a way to dismiss Nazism (such as most right-wingers do because they’re often called Nazi’s by the left-wing), or over-exemplify Nazism (like most left-wingers do by calling practically everything and everyone a Nazi). It’s the perfect spell-loop to leave peoples consciousnesses in, for it’s a state of pure perpetual drivel from both sides as they turn on each other like animals. Animals… that scream at each other and proclaim each other as their mortal enemies. Most just don’t know any better. Especially the left-wing, from my observations, as many of them support Zelensky’s puppet regime government controlled by literal Neo-Nazi factions. This is unacceptable & deplorable, as I thought we were at a point in history where we can all say that “All Nazi’s are bad.” Simple as that, but I guess not. I understand those who are concerned for the Ukrainian people (civilians) as am I, but if you support the Ukrainian government, then you are either a fool, a tool, a disgrace, or a “system pig.” Zelensky the actor, Ihor (Igor) Kolomoyskyi (the true king of Ukraine/baby daddy to Hunter Biden) & the Azov’s don’t care about their people. Not only that, they are actively using them as meat shields. As for Russia, well, you poke a bear and surround it with NATO— what did you all expect? Missiles pointed at their doorstep? Constantly being pushed off the world stage? BSL-4 biolabs with biological weapons? I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner, and it would have if Hilary Clinton was elected, and in that scenario, the West would be the ones invading Russia. Glad that didn’t happen, and I’m going for the best on all sides, but we need to face the reality of how compromised Europe, Asia, & North America is. Practically the entire world almost.

    Anyway, long story short, the Nazi’s never lost— they just changed colors & joined hands with the elites of this world because they all share a lot in-common.


    – True Heart & Intent

  2. I think what you are missing is the idea that the Democrats want to get rid of Joe Biden, and impeachment is the only way to do so. I doubt that it will happen until after the November elections, but there is no way that the New York Times would have released the story it held in secret for years, and suddenly be able to verify something that has long been verified. There has to be a reason

  3. The US not only has 36 in Ukraine but over 300 biolabs all over the world, incl those in the US, exceeding 700. The US is run by Evil & Mad people. Should these labs be for science and benefit of mankind, then why the secrecy and not subject to inspection??? What more prove do people need that the US is a bully, a liar, a hypocrite, a war criminal and a disgrace to humanity???????

  4. victoria nuland, administrations, congresses, businessmen, and others need to be punished. it is the result of their involvement in ukraine we are on the verge of ww3. i'm a patriotic republican but i never felt worse about the USA and its prospects, ukraine is worse than the theft of the 2020 election. a boob is going to determine the fate of many innocent people, shameful.

  5. My wife asked me why did Putin invade Ukraine, becouse of some possible attack from NATO if they become part of it? Cant they just make some agreement or contract to make sure, why invade? So before we went to sleep, i took a knife and lay down next to her.
    What do you think how did she react?

  6. Actually, we have the similar type of Oligarchy Corruption related to the politicians and their own family members! In France we have a French version of Hunter Biden! He is the infamous son of Laurent Fabius, ex French-foreign minister! He is currently the general manager of an American business corporate who is doing the marketing and promotion for Infamous Pfizer and moderna in France! Welcome to the local European Corruption and hypocrisy!! 🤑🤮

  7. I like how some people still leave comments like "Oh c'mon, it doesn't mean Hunter was sponsoring bioweapon, it totally could be a health research and vaccines…"

    Yeah, "health research" . Hope these fools volonteer themselves for health research when biolabs will be build next to them or in their countries

  8. VN stated that there are “biological research laboratories" in Ukraine.. She did not say that there are biodefence or biowarfare laboratories in Ukraine… As for Hunter Biden funding them.. Have we taken trumps claims about Hunter Bidens business profits and given them bio-wigs??? Trump has asked Putin again to share the dirt about HB but has not made a claim about biolabs.. He's been banging on about HB business profits not his donations ffs….

  9. In principle, I agree with you, Richard, that posting Hunter Biden's private photos is inappropriate for a sophisticated press agency. It's trash-smear journalism, and the profession of journalism should be held to a higher standard. I would argue, however, that Hunter's filthy, slimy way of life, including addiction to crack to the point where rotten teeth (google "HB's teeth" to see photos),, his dealings with prostitutes, his partying in Ukraine with the sons of Mike Pompeo, Nanci Pelosi and John Kerry (50-year old rich kids who have never worked a day in their life) is a central to the story. It helps us understand why Ukraine is so personal for Biden. Hunter's life in the gutter fills in the psychological portrait of his father, a man who takes Ukraine so personally and is so emotionally reactive to Putin, that with one rash decision, he could send us all into oblivion. Ukraine was Biden's son's playground, it's what made his one remaining son "happy," it's where Hunter was compromised (i.e. people could blackmail him), where the son made his money, with a kick-back for the father, to boot. Putin stopped Hunter's party in Ukraine, and put an end to Joe Biden's effort, however much it was a part of his denial, to keep Hunter afloat. Specifically for me, when I saw the pics of Hunter and realized there is a family saga here, the politics made much more sense. The saga may be something like: father lost one son, doesn't want to lose another, stays in denial about surviving son's addiction, will do anything to make son's life easy and to correct its course. Second point is: if you go into politics, by definition, you give up your right to privacy, including that of your family. If you have secrets, don't go into politics. No one ever promised anyone a nice media.

  10. Native Americans say it is a privilege to be born in such a time of change. The FIFTH world is upon us, the Time of the Human Being. We have to cleanse the Earth of the INHUMAN money WHORES.

  11. Where's Orwell when you really need him aye? The conduct of the Biden family is criminal and calls into question their fundamental patriotism. I don't think history or the criminal justice system will be kind to them. The file photos of Hunter in crackhead mode the newspaper sticks in are undoubtedly there to help sell more papers and as you point out, should be regarded as superficial noise. The contents of the article, on the other hand, are tectonic. If karma still works (and I strongly suspect it does) then I don't envy any of the Bidens.

  12. It's a Rosemont Seneca laptop world. And doesn't the "big guy" gets 10%…? Dilyana Gaytandzhieva's, 'Pentagon Biolaboratories – Investigative Documentary' is eye opening.

  13. Ukrainian bio-labs run by neo-nazi
    I wonder if people remember operation paper clip.
    So you got Ukrainian neo-nazi payed by ex-german nazi's
    This is like a movie plot

  14. Dilyana getting kicked out from that EU meeting by US officials – reminds me of how, with so many people skating on their involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal, a couple of young men did time in prison for holding up a banner during the congressional hearings that said, 'Ask about the cocaine smuggling.' They were right, of course.

  15. Biological weapons are much more important and terrifying point here than corruption. Because it’s a prime threat to humanity. One small virus and u don’t need army to destroy countries . People will become sick and suffer for years . It’s insane what they were elaborating on there and doing in other countries as well.

  16. Article I read said he owns stock in the metabio company and got the US to give it a grant.
    All those trips to Western Europe???? I read he was setting up shell companies to get climate change money grants from the US!!!
    Bidens are crooks!

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