EXPOSED: Mass War Crimes In Syria Covered Up By Pentagon | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the war crimes in Syria hidden by the Pentagon after civilian deaths through drone strikes were covered up

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  1. You guys are on fire this week with the stories. Please stay safe and protect yourself. This reporting reminds me of the late 60s and 70s. The way Walter Cronkite told the truth about Vietnam war. They say history always repeats itself

  2. The world was screaming at Obama for his drone wars while the Pentagon and our MSM kept it from public view. When he was re-elected for his 2nd term the world started calling him the Drone God for good reason. Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize should have waited until there was actually peace but it made for the perfect contrived veil. Obama was all about new energy, yet he quietly produced more foreign sourced barrels of oil than the last 4 POTUS combined. The Military Industrial Complex controls our media and was put on steroids during the Clinton term. 911 could not have gone down without some help. Ilan Omar said it best when she said "Something happened" and FoxNews tried to get her exiled for being unAmerican. Somalians know all too well about Obama's secret war there. Look what they did to Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Snowden and Assange. It was the MIC that gave Bush "bad intelligence" to manufacture consent to go after Iraq when we knew damn well it was with help from Saudi Arabia. Bush kissed the ring, so did Obama and Trump. Biden spread eagle wider than Hunter's girlfriends. Tulsi recently gave them up also by calling out that Biden reallocated our resources in Afghanistan to Somalia and was the real reason we pulled out so hastily. Our polarized political parties would not accept Trump even after he kissed the ring and to make sure he wouldn't yield they killed Khashoogi right in his face and he was more than complicate. Just like he was with Covid/Fauci and once he knew he's been set up to be the fall guy and wouldn't be re-elected no matter how much he gave into them, he had no problems taking the bait lashing out with J6. Biden is running around the globe with 7 oil wars right now that we never get to hear about because he is continuing on with business as usual. New boss same as the old boss. The deep state is real and it's very left leaning… both Bush and Trump got railed by the MIC yet Obama and Biden haven't been held accountable for anything. The squad won't even say anything about it because they have been silenced like Sanders. The only common denominator throughout all the different admins and eras – Hillary Clinton. Pray for Assange.

  3. Don’t forget the great hope Mr. Obama for his contribution to increase US in war from 2 countries when he started to 7 countries when he left. His life is very questionable. His children look like his best friends who are constantly with the Obama family. Don’t get me started with Michael.

  4. It's insane this only has 78k views. It's no fluke people like Kyle kukinski have recently been speaking outbl about a massive drops in their subs and views ever since the "trusted source I initistive" or whatever….

  5. Who effing cares. Rules don’t belong in war. Do you think the militia members who fought in the revolutionary war marched in a line? No, they hid behind trees and sniped the red coats. And the British military bitched about that. There’s always going to have collateral damage. That’s always factored in.

  6. Aaron Mate is the journalist that should get the credit for exposing this, as he did it first and deepest. A few months ago he testified before an international tribunal in Syria as to the OPCW conspiracy and cover-up along with US and British war crimes.

  7. Very accurate the military industrial complex is exactly like you said a big green machine that very few will stop we are international bullies if we see something another country has and we want it we take it plain and simple.

  8. “It’s an illegal war anyway”. War and the word ‘legal’ are very incongruous with each other, I’d love to know what her distinction is between a ‘legal’ war and an ‘illegal’ one

  9. Drone strikes have killed "bad guys" with some collateral damage for two decades as stated in press conferences by All-Americans in Uniforms with rows of ribbons above their left pockets, and not once did any "journalist" take a poll of other "journalists" in the room to identify the five year olds the term "Bad guys" was meant for. Nor did they ever attempt to force "Captain America" to call "collateral damage" innocent woman and children.

  10. It's nice to know that you can pick and choose which stories you nyeah it's loose which story is The New York Times covers that you were agree with or disagree with which makes them good or bad You look at all the lies so you know York times has done how can you believe anything that they write they're the CNN paper

  11. we had zero business getting involved in Syria, just like Iraq, Libya, or weapons to help Saudi Arabia in Yemen, or staying in AFghanistan for more time than it took to kill OBL

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