Exposing Deep State Banana Republic Corruption

Today, we are going to talk about shocking news coming about of Canberra re ASIC and the current inquiry about the Senate Economics References Committee. But we are also going to talk about the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX and how these ties into our current campaign re ASIC.

A few episodes, Adams mentioned in a previous IOTP episode why the campaign against financial white collar crime and the focus on ASIC was important.

Because, there is no point doing market and economic analysis over certain asset classes which Adams and North have done for years, if the entire underlying investment is based around fraud and nefarious behaviour.

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  1. People don't realise how scary government looks when government doesn't have proper division of powers. I went to Hong Kong a few times back in 2017/2018. It was a textbook definition of a plutocracy where the checks and balances had been removed and erroded to the point the wealthy elite owned most of the real estate in the country and also controlled the government because there was functionally no Judical branch and the Executive and Legislative Branches had merged into one entity with nothing like a Governor General or President for ultimate oversight. When China came knocking on the door it didn't matter how many people protested or what they thought, it made no difference their entire country got swallowed up due to the corrupt government selling them out for their own wealth and power.

  2. Bring on the "Great Resist". List WEF members in parliament. National security issue. Sen Malcolm Roberts is on point. Ftx collapse planned by WEF to collapse cripto market and bring about CDC . Wolves in the chicken house.

  3. Politics in general in the Western countries have been corrupted for at least as long as One National Leader Pauline Hanson split from the Liberal party ticket. One of the reasons I live in a small township of 175 people and are lucky enough to have a Independent in the Electorate of Indi..
    She may sit a bit on the Green side but the fact of no Party line thinking makes for a better more flexible Parliamentarian who has Just recently introduced Anti corruption bill to Parliament.
    I am of course speaking of Helen Haines who I might add has continued the the Legacy of Cathy Mc Gowan.
    If you guys want to get your Political Party going gangbusters I would communicate with her as I'm of the belief that for her its the democratic process that needs holding too.
    Not any particular ideological position. ..

  4. Thank you Martin, John, with guys like yourselves on the case our country redeems its hope to get back to a state of integrity.
    Another uppercut, well done. Uncle Sam's dodgy bank man is fried man xD

  5. John and Martin…. Perhaps you guys could do an episode on VENEZ-STRALIA and the remarkable similarities of two resource rich countries that may just suffer the same fate…. Australia may just be on the same path as Venezuela with some remarkable similarities ?

  6. Brilliant as always….Record debt/but markets go up/record inflation/but markets go up/war in Ukraine/but markets go up/cyripto crashes/but markets go up/yield curve inverts/but markets go up/ is always the any minute now just around the corne/but never quite arriving world crash….it would seem Gemtlemen that these market are indestructible…record fraud and corruption/but markets go up/world currencies being debased/but markets go up. and so forth.

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