Exposing George Soros’ $18 Billion Control Over the Mainstream Media

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  1. WHO IS FUNDING the various left-wing groups throughout the country that cause havoc on the streets? Who is then funding the local prosecutors that release these individuals back into society? Who is then subsidizing the media outlets (in one way or another) to not report accurately on all of these events? The answer, by and large, is GEORGE SOROS. The man who you're not allowed to name. The Man Behind the Curtain. Watch the full interview detailing how his billions of dollars works to destabilize American society 👉

  2. He didn't just not help prevent the atrocities. In an interview, he outlined how he profited from helping the bad guys steal from his own people. "If I didn't do it, some one else would have".

  3. George Soros is the biggest racist that you've ever seen read what he said in the interview back in 2014 I believe about black people and what he was going to do

  4. So my subscription to this channel magically fell off. Today I reset my subscription. This episode is muted. Everything else I try plays fine but clearly the powers are against the truth and information to the masses.

  5. Soros was a Nazi Rhino & he sent his entire family to the gas chambers. He saw them all killed, but then claimed he was a double agent to avoid war crimes. He got rich on his betrayals. He's evil incarnate. It's disgusting how he buys people just like he sold his own soul.

  6. The only people that could stop this guy are the politicians he buys so this is another case of the government not serving the people. This is getting to be a theme with all governments around the world. The overall goal is to create enough chaos that the government can bring in martial law and take over completely. This present US administration wants to stay in power no matter what the cost and martial law would give then the power to suspend elections for at least a while. They are looking at defeat in the midterm elections and the way they are doing things right now they will create civil unrest and possibly a bad enough situation that the can invoke martial law. The high fuel prices, high cost of food, high home heating cost and a possible recession where people will start losing their jobs will create a very bad situation. Add in rising interest rates that will make many people lose their homes and many have to declare bankruptcy and it gets even worse. Imagine sitting in a cold house that you are about to lose with little or no food unable to feed your children and things are only getting worse. Do you allow the government to continue to do this to you and your family, your friends, your neighbours and your community or do you take up arms against that government and remove it. The people in power will have continued to enjoy a high standard of living with plenty of everything they need and plenty of luxuries as well and of course they make no effort to hide this in fact the way these arrogant politicians are they flaunt their life style. Even upper middle class people that are well off will not be able to afford $10 a gallon gas, $6 a gallon heating oil, a doubling in food prices and a huge jump in the cost of their mortgage because of high interest rates. Hunger, anger and frustration do not make for a happy population and something is going to have to give. This administration has shown that it likes control with it's covid mandates, doesn't care about the people by pushing it's green agenda at all costs and that the laws mean nothing to them by letting criminals go and allowing protests that are actually riots. They are allowing the law to be broken right now by letting people protest in front of the Supreme Court justices homes and doing nothing about it. This protest is a felony but these people are not being arrested. I thought the Supreme Court held a sacred place in America but with the right government it looks like it is nothing but a nuisance that they would like to get rid of. The present administration is full of corrupt dishonorable people and is is many ways no better than some third world dictator and his corrupt ministers. This is going to end badly for someone and if it's the politicians a rope is the only way to fix them and if it's the people they will be no better than slaves dependent on the government and rich elite with almost no freedom. Where the US goes Canada follows so that would take care of North America. What would happen after that is anyone's guess but it would not be good. The US administration and the Canadian government both talk openly about the great reset. Canada's prime minister said during covid that it was the perfect time for it and that by 2030 you would own nothing and be happy. How will I possibly own nothing unless they take it away from me by force? I and most people will not willingly give up what we worked hard to get. I will not become dependent on the government and a slave to that government. This is going to end badly.

  7. Certain countries monitor certain grps of ppl that might become radical and posing a threat to the society.

    Why is that some of the very rich ppl who have their tentacles all over the place not subjected to the same scrutiny.

    Eventually the country could lose her sovereignty and the citizens enslaved if such ppl are not monitored of their influence

  8. As the police force, DOJ and FBI etc have openly broken the law by allowing criminal offences to go un-punished, does this mean that each of the officers involved can be prosecuted under a normal and law abiding government??????

  9. Fox "talks conservative" but at crucial moments they WILL stab the Conservative movement in the back, just as Tucker Carlson not even considering the election claims of fraud, this video also is an example.

  10. Soros and friends were Nazi collaborators.
    They would snitch out Jews in hiding,… Once the Nazis caught the Jews Soros would run into their homes and steal everything.

  11. I’m going to make a prediction. George Soros will be putting his full support behind the communist Rob Bonta for California Attorney General.

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