EXPOSING Grifters Of Afghan War: Defense Contractors, Presidents, Media

Krystal and Saagar expose the grifters and frauds who have profited off the Afghanistan war for the past 20 years with little scrutiny

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  1. I honestly think the legislators who consistently kowtow to the defense lobby are afraid for their lives. I firmly believe that anyone who votes to end the gravy train is likely to have a freak car accident or an unexpected heart attack.

  2. They keep ignored amrirulaa soleh
    He is honest man . He is still fighting to Taliban even all odd against him . USA don't want to war ended they just make terrorist stronger by giving miltary after leaving .

  3. As if I needed more fuel to fire up my anger when it comes to this topic, they remind us this is all about the $ to begin with. To all the frauds and grifters who made boatloads of cash while US forces and innocent civilians die, your time is coming up. The UAV program needs more target practice for their latest radar and scanning tech, and the newer stealth models require live testing.

  4. The weirdest thing is, this grifting happens nearly anytime someone is lent a bunch of money from the US. Take Haiti for example, the earthquake funds given (the older earthquake) by the US were essentially spent on repairing the richer part of Haiti, a little taken off the top for the top brass, and the rest sent back. This is sadly normal, and I don't know how it's taken this long the get a news piece on it

  5. If you think that's bad, wait till you find out that there is a grift to an exponential degree here in America. We're talking about a good per-cent of the country has connections to the security / military industrial complex. The state contracts groups of political factions that are predominantly white existing on the left and right authoritarian political spectrum, and various crime organizations. It is a hierarchy of grift. They have literally sucked out all of the wealth in our country and they are using the government to funnel tax payer money around to these various groups, our government is like a shell company, the bureaucratic infrastructure is so that these various groups can control the government from within and so that the elite class can direct it through them, the layers of bureaucratic infrastructure also creates a type of protection from accountability. crime organizations and through the elite of the predominant industries here; business, finance, media and entertainment, political, military, and security: It is all a big fucking grift, they manufacture our reality, and the American people are the suckers.

  6. Wars Will End, But The Costs

    Don't End! The Forgotten War

    Of Afghanistan Cost U.S.

    Taxpayers $2.61 Trillions Of

    Dollars From 2001 To 2021.

    It's Going To Cost U.S.

    Taxpayers $6.4 Trillions Of

    Dollars in 2050.

    Think About That, And Wrap

    Your Head Around That!

    Precious Resources Wasted,

    Beautiful Lives Lost!

  7. You are labelled a conspiracy theorist when you remind Pres.Eisenhower's farewell speech (1/17/1961) warning the US nation about the future threats and dangers posed by the "military-industrial complex".
    60 years and 8 months later, the Afghanistan debacle happened.Yet most of the U.S. electorate is still in deny that the biggest threat is the enemy within, not the ones thousands of kilometers away.
    It's like the whole U.S. population is under meth and brainwashed.

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