‘Extraordinarily brave’ | Neil Oliver heaps praise on Chinese opposition to zero-Covid

‘There are wiser heads than mine saying these protests in China are different… It’s not just isolated in one place.’

GB News’ Neil Oliver praises the ‘extraordinarily brave’ efforts of Chinese protesters who are opposing the country’s zero-Covid policy.

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Written by GBNews


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  1. And there has been absolutely no tyranny in any of the western countries?! The MSM are an absolute friggin joke! Goes to show how they manipulate the population with all their brainwashing bs and omit/censor anything that challenges their evil narrative agendas!

  2. Absolutely spot on!!!
    Extreme hypocrisy on the UNBEARABLE situation for all the people in China by media & politicians and so on…..
    Really not only in UK, also in my country (NL).

  3. I am so proud of these people….I have goosebumps! We are joining each other to say we WILL NOT be controlled by these nefarious forces any longer!👍🔥👍💕🔥👍💕🔥👍💕🔥👍👍🔥

  4. The result of the hypocrisy of the mainstream print and broadcast media is being reaped by them now – fewer and fewer people are buying or listening to them but more importantly believing their propaganda narrative.

  5. The reason media now cover protests that they didn’t two years ago is that the covid lockdown policy and the digital ID is now firmly in place … tbey couldn’t afford to allow the world to see early protests because the masses would have joined in

  6. No coverage on MSM in UK when many hundreds of thousands protested in London about the mandates for Vakzines and lockdowns and C0vid overreach etc. What a load of hypocrites there are in the MSM and Government of UK. We see them for what they are.

  7. Have you noticed that the Chinese people are NOT burning down their cities and shooting each other during these protests? If only the same thing could be said of 'other' diverse groups.

  8. unfortunately these protests are gonna be exactly as effective as every other protest over the last few years – yellow vests. HK, canadian truckers, dutch farmers, australian covid protests, need i go on?

    what they need maybe is a bunch of rhymes with diggers to go burn loot and murder, they are the only protests which seem to have any success

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