Ezra Miller: Groomer & Non-Binary Cult Leader

Umm… We need to talk about the absolutley insane allegations against non-binary actor Ezra Miller.
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Written by Blaire White


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  1. It seems to me that Ezra is aware that there are a lot of vulnerable people in the LGBT community so he pretended to be one of them to prey on them. Maybe he actually does feel nonbinary but because he's a creep and a predator he decided to target them. Regardless he's a creep and an obnoxious one at that

  2. Not that I'm defending Ezra but has any of these accusations about him been proven 🤔 Don't get me wrong, Ezra Miller seems like a genuinely disturbed individual but the groomer accusations is all based on the parents speculation. Parents often overreact and even the child said that they are basically overreacting.

    We have no proof that this child was being groomed

    Blair said that he was "housing" 3 children and their mother. Where is the context 🤔 Was he giving a mother and her 3 children a place to stay or was it something else 🤔 I don't know but I also haven't seen any proof to back up any of these accusations.

    A lot of gun nuts have many guns in their homes with children 😒

    Again I'm not defending Ezra just wondering where is the proof to Blairs constant accusations of him being a child predator 🤔

  3. “Y’all wanna talk about appropriation” 😅 not gonna lie every time someone says they are non-binary I get just a bit annoyed. Not that I care what they do so much that it’s gonna back fire and I’m worried I will actually lose my rights as a trans woman.

  4. Thank you for telling me who the p*do is. I had no clue! IT (i do not believe in delusional pronouns) once again IT is just beyond disgusting… I JUST CAN'T

    Love what you do… Keep speaking! Sending love..💞

  5. Blair is asking the most relevant question. Why is any media company providing this obviously sick individual with cover?
    Perhaps birds of a feather flock together.

  6. They say that when you've been molested you get a sort of 6th sense about predators. This freak sets of every alarm bell I've got. Always has, even before all the weird behavior. He sets off my gag reflex in the worst way….and these parents felt nothing??

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