F*** this! We have lost too much, we are DONE (from Livestream #115)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #115 (originally streamed live on February 13, 2022):


David Graeber’s Bullshit Jobs – the 2019 book:

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  1. The elites can’t seem to remember history until they are bent over on the guillotine. The problem in this world is we the people always let them go to far before we separate their heads from their bodies.

  2. Isn't this what has happened throughout history when the masses are trodden and spit upon by those who consider them as peon workers. The masses rise up as they have nothing left to lose. Time and again as the prejudicial forces of wealth press the working people harder and harder there have been revolutions to bring about change. What I value most with the Freedom Convoy is their continual voice of fairness and Peace. Just as the Native Americans of both U.S. and Canada have done in recent years to draw attention to the abuse of profit driven business of both nature and life. If change can be acheived through Peaceful means then the change itself will propagate PEACE and justice.

  3. So somebody working middle management is a "bullshit job" (which it very well may be) but being a ticket taker in an age where that job could be (more) automated isn't? As a representative of the Horse & Buggies Union, I wholeheartedly agree.

  4. My brain keeps telling me there is the element of over-parented children grown up running parliament getting the support of other over parented people now grown adults still parented and supported. Being told what to do is their thing and the opposite is on the other side. but I grew up poor in Ottawa what do I know lol not like I spent my whole life looking at them jealous until I saw they were really lame and adolescent at their core. lol

  5. At this point we need a national divorce. Unfortunately civil war is the only outcome in either scenario, whether we continue on like this or split the country up. Each side will have military equipment and installations the other will try and claim ownership of.

  6. courts are private……….it`s a script………………..there is no economy just a bunch of shoppers………….and for them t.v. is the truth………..banks are criminals……………government is your enemy…………….no one did anything about it…………..going to a gun fit with a poster……….look at your neighbours cowards automatically comply like lemmings running off a cliff……………….culling ……new world order…….soon the closure of banks……………no internet……………………another distraction……………….democracy is mob rule not gods law………………………….

  7. I work in home health as an occupational therapist in FL. My company accepted my exemption from the vaccine. Now insurance companies we serve have implemented a "payer mandate". Wellcare and Aetna insurance have announced they will no longer pay for services or allow unvaccinated staff to treat their patients. This "mandate" came out of nowhere and isn't being advertised. This has dramatically narrowed down who I can see, and I get paid per visit. These vaccine tyrants just can't stop. They've now found another way to f**k with unvaccinated healthcare workers. Btw I've had covid twice, both mild cases, provided direct patient care to covid patients during 2020 reusing ppe, and have antibodies…and STILL having my livelihood threatened.

  8. This narrative about the solid working folks who are participating in this "protest" and being put down by the authoritarian government is the real bullshit. Is Trudeau a great statesman? No. Should the COVID mandates end? Yes. But pretending that the mob that took over Ottawa for 3+ weeks are some sort of freedom fighters is nonsense.

  9. I’m Canadian and was living abroad and came home last year because I thought it was safer here 🙄 oiy I regret that life decision and now I can’t even leave to go home … it’s terrible in Canada … the banks are promoting digital IDs now never mind if the vaccine mandates get rescinded

  10. Two weeks of hand shakes, hugs and close proximity from people from all over Canada. Zero infections, zero hospital cases and no truckers in covid ICU's. We are all tired of government over reach and their science. Tired of the legacy media pushing an obvious agenda of propaganda.

  11. The ultimate middle finger to politics is embrace Truth.
    It doesn't matter where it may lead you but as long as you continue to embrace it you will be free of the ideology that pollutes the minds of people that embrace a "side".
    The truth does not take sides.
    But you can side with it.

  12. A few things you should consider (talking as a Canadian). The protestors represent a minority. The majority oppose them. They 'freedom convoy' organizers had a PDF online for people to sign calling for the entire government to resign, and the husband and wife team running the website would, as representatives of all Canadian citizens, work with the governor general to appoint a 'committee of citizens' to replace the government. This is democracy? Their sole intent was to have enough people parked and honking horns make a big enough fuss to get to a point where they would decide public health measures. They always claimed their protest was legal and peaceful. I don't think I could go park my car in the middle of downtown and set up camp, put up a sauna, and a pig roast and rely on that being legal. They were also going after a single person, the PM to change all federal, provincial, municipal and private companies policies and override them. They also called him a dictator. He would certainly be a dictator if he did as they asked. I am not sure how this topic is 'through an evolutionary lens', but I do understand you rely on your social media accounts for your income, so it kind of makes sense.

  13. I’m living near Montreal Quebec at 2 hours drive from Ottawa but I did not go there to manifest because I have to work but I feel a bit ashamed. I think I should have gone. Anyway I’m a social network Protestant since February 2020 and never stopped being it. Many families members and friends have rejected me in a sense but I hope they will understand one day…
    All that is a crime against humanity nothing less.

  14. Our Marxist minded dear “ leaders”, want Marxism but they hate the proletariat’s uprisings…isn’t that the process that would get them there ?

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