F1 Jeddah Missile Smoke ONBOARD during FP1

We race as the money dictates.

What a timeline to see the explosion happen, live with F1 onboards.

edit: It was a missile not a bomb. My fault

Written by F1Hensl


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  1. Adam Cooper: It's increasingly clear that at one stage in last night's GPDA meeting the drivers were unanimous in not wanting the race to go ahead, given their safety concerns for the whole paddock. Further dialogue with
    bosses and their team principals led to business as usual today.

  2. FIA & F1 – "We don't care for drivers & the supporting teams safety!! We only care about monneyy!! Everything else is distraction.
    Also as this incident is happening in a dictatorship/authoritarian state we won't raise a voice or abandon the race, we will complete the race. But if this happens in a democratic/free country we will pack our bag in jiffy & go back to our base. And from there we will raise all kind of noises, will cancel the contract with them. Will also start a charity or a trend on internet."

  3. i don't know how the Fia went on with the race
    the strike was a highway apart from my house like 400 meters and in my head i was like what if they missed??
    Shits crazy

  4. Man the F2 cars are gonna have flares,decoys or whatever countermeasures for that. This could actually be a sick game of F1 cars having to avoid cruise missiles while staying calm and racing like normal.

  5. Well, I still don't see anyone talking about double standards.

    Russia is not in calendar because war (which I, by the way, respect), but in the same moment, they are going to Saudi, where is also war. This is just karma. Just 10km away, during FP1, on TV of millions.

    I'm not talking just about F1, but everything. Those sanctions, freedom of movement, freedom of speech, all those freedoms that they represent, and at the same time freedom is violated by them. That is rudeness and hypocrisy. I hate the West and their politics.

    Just sorry for people who don't use their brains and just follow and watch brainwashing media and politicians.

    Sorry, politics and sport should be aparted, but they are not since long time ago.

    Karma, people, karma!

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