Fabrication in BBC Panorama Saving Syria’s Children: Robert Stuart, Media on Trial, 19 October 2017

Did BBC personnel collude in the fabrication of an atrocity with the aim of influencing public opinion in favour of war against Syria? Presentation by Robert Stuart at Media on Trial, 19 October 2017, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London. Event organised by Frome Stop War. Video by UK Column.

BBC Saving Syria’s Children – The Worst Case Of Fake News:
BBC Saving Syria’s Children discussed with George Galloway:

All six presentations from Media on Trial can be viewed here:

Written by Robert Stuart


  1. Does anyone remember they used footage of dead people in Libya and claimed they were Syrian civilians who died from a chem attack

  2. yet they never scrutinise with the same obsessive nature the fake videos from Gaza. Propaganda created for the sole purpose of vilifying and turning the world against Israel and the jews.

  3. Considering that Mi6 is in charge of the whole anti Syria/Russia narrative, the FX companies, reporters, BBC, doctors etc are all card-carrying members of the Intel Services, truly astounding the scale of the operation which failed because simply because they had no context to their plan contingent to the way the SAA is conducting their campaign under the diligent guidance of Russia.

  4. Thank you Robert Stuart for reporting the truth. Sad that the once great Panorama team should sink to such levels. Here because Anna Brees mentioned you in an interview and I have now subscribed..

  5. I was watching Anna Brees on James English's YouTube channel and she mentioned you.
    I decided to search your work.
    I didn't know about this Panorama "documentary" but since I'm very sensitive about lies in the media – maybe because I was raised under dictatorship in Brazil – I don't need any other evidence.
    I've seen how a BBC reporter was inducing a Libyan man to say that it was due to Gaddafi that they were running out of water. NATO destroyed the pipelines.
    I don't have a TV any longer.
    But I wish I could help you finishing your work for most people trust the mainstream media.
    It's beyond me why they don't see.
    I'm not a psychic but when I was watching the towers collapse I asked myself "Why are they imploding the towers?"
    I simply don't understand.
    Your work is precious for people also believed the "weapons of mass destruction'.
    I remember Hans Blix surrounded by Iraq people – a woman was crying – asking him to stay after UN made him go back without finishing the research.
    It was clear to me.
    Thank you for your work.

  6. I remember when they got caught filming a little boy saving his sister during gunfire in an alley. When they were caught red handed they came out with some excuse that it was gong to be used in a series. Also they were filmed giving Africans money to lay outside hospitals during the so called Ebola outbreak.

  7. Amazing work Robert. Thank you for revealing the truth about MSM (especially the BBC). I knew it was fake when I first saw it and people called me nuts for thinking so.