Facebook and Instagram Ban All Mention of QAnon, Ensuring the LARP Spreads Even More

Billionaires should be entirely absent from platform conversations:


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  1. How much research have you actually done to make this analysis?
    I'm going to guess you pulled it out of your ass just now.
    Yes, censorship is bad
    Thank you, Styx

  2. "When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say and, you're also maybe a bit of a sick fuck."

  3. Q is one of those things you should keep in the back of your mind, not in the front. It's not the cause of all the riots and violence like the MSM is so desperately trying to pin it on. At the same time, it is absolutely not worth losing sleep over and having to keep up with all the research. Just keep it on the backburner and see what happens. Who knows, maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised–but if you don't fret over it then there's nothing lost if it doesn't pan out.

  4. How are so many people still not understanding the Q cypher? ? The god damn instructions are given to you. If they made it any easier a democrat could do it ?

  5. I kind of find some of the Q stuff interesting. I don't see how any of Q's claims are worth banning.

    BLM is straight up pushing violence and Marxism. Overthrowing the government and destroying the constitution. Defunding the police.

    If i had to ban something it would be BLM or ANTIFA before I'd ban Qanon.

  6. "Yes… let's ban anything we disagree with…. that's the way we will push agenda and thrust our dear leaders to the top…" I just can't wait for the SCOTUS to rule that because 'YouFacegramitter' chose (freely and of their own accord) to become the new "public square" of the 21st century…. they should be held to the standards of the Constitution and be prevented from blocking the First Amendment rights of others. Barring a blatantly illegal act (in the US,) they should not be censoring anyone. That is the whole purpose of "free speech." Yes, some of it is horrible. Yes, some of it is disgusting. Yes, a most of it comes from the left. Still, nobody should be 'banned' from the 'digital public square' because the virtual janitors (employees of FB, YT, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) happen to disagree with them. Why is it that we who tend to be Libertarian and/or lean Conservative are willing to accept the rantings from the left, yet they cannot stop themselves from trying to ban any contrary opinions? Oh! Right. It's because they're wrong. They're ALWAYS wrong.

  7. Well that's your opinion.
    I did however agree with one word you said at the end "horseshit" but that pretty much summed up the previous 7mins ?‍♀️

  8. Sorry Q is either real or the Trump admin is trolling people. There are way to many connections, it has to be those one of the 2 situations. I honestly wouldnt rule out either one.

  9. PLEASE READ THIS: I am a skeptic when it comes to conspiracies and the like and I have followed the Q stuff on little more than a surface basis. That being said, I was on pinterest just hours before this video was uploaded and I saw a "thread" (for lack of a better term) that said "88 pictures of britney spears that will take you back to the 90's",having grown up in the 90's I have nostalgic feelings for the era. As I scrolled thru the pics and I saw some from when Britney was quite young. I'd say 12 or 13 which I assume was while she was still with Disney. In these pics which are black and white she was wearing a school girl uniform much like the one she wore in her first music video and she was in front of a wall with many pieces of paper attached to it. Papers which advertised bands playing venues and the like. Now heres the meat of the issue. Upon looking closely at these pieces of paper you will notice a paper for a band quite prominently displayed called "Nympho Clepto" and above it an ad for an MTV party at "the Milk Bar" that reads "Hey kids come to the party" and has a very creepy pic of guy you might assume is a predator. There is also an advertisement for "Skin of God" and below it an ad that reads "Double Penetration, Kyhber Pass September 21st". Above Britney are ads for "A Little Death" which depicts death holding a baby and an ad for "Fire And Brimstone" that reads "The Dead Command OBEY". NOW is any of this proof of anything? Obviously not, but doesn't it seem like an odd location choice for pics of a very young girl? Also a young girl who happens to be entrenched in Hollywood? And doesn't it fit the theme of everything that "Q" alleges? "Satanic/sexual tropes and young children". When I watch something about this topic I find myself saying "thats odd" many times. So i ask you, at what point do these "odd things" continually stack up to a point where there the theory becomes tangible?

  10. Why do people find it so far fetched that Trump, a known troll, wouldn't have someone in his administration go around the news media to post info directly to the people. That sounds exactly like something Trump would do.

  11. I think you’re great but you’re out of your depth … the movement is more sophisticated than larping and too accurate and dead on to be coincidence or a good cold read. Nothing against you you’re brilliant but you’ll have to look into the posts yourself and not the propaganda against it. Judge for yourself

  12. q anon has never predicted anything. "Do your research" is not a prediction……. making connections muckety map style is useful. Utilizing and organizing thousands of folks to do open source intelligence is a pretty smart idea. Another thing q does is keeps certain stories high in google searches…stories that would be buried and forgotten about ..this is very useful politically. Q fanatics make it hard for small seemingly unimportant things to go under the radar. (like government corruption via payments to spouses and children of politicians) I think you underestimate the value of Q and its merry band of misfits.