Facebook bans song about Joe Biden’s ‘botched’ Afghanistan withdrawal

Facebook has banned a song criticising President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, says Sky News host James Morrow.

“Of course we can’t have any songs against the regime,” Mr Morrow said.

“Someone has put up a song called ‘Blood on his Hands’ which is all about the botched withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan,” Mr Morrow said.

“And Facebook has for whatever reason banned this because of course we can’t have any sort of songs against the regime going out there on Facebook now can we.”


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  1. Screw Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Facebook) It's pathetic people will voluntarily be apart of a platform that let's you view what they deem necessary and coincides with their agendas..grow up America your smarter than social media, in fact it's beneath us..

  2. I've banned falsebook for a year now and don't miss it. Falsebook is communist propaganda… Just think how their middle level managers are going to take getting fired when falsebook can no longer support them due to lack of subscribers……

  3. Facebook can't support the First Amendment. Maybe they should move to CUBA to see
    Communism first hand. No American Left Behind. They cut and ran at the first sign of
    trouble. What idiot decides to use a civilian airport in the middle of a hostile city.

  4. Facebook has done nothing for America 🇺🇸 except promote hatred and stalking. I deleted Facebook years ago when i went to a job interview and the interviewer knew more about me than me through Facebook. I turned the job down on that principle alone. The interviewer proceeded to splash me on Facebook. Its too childish with the "please Friend me " rhetoric.

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