Facebook Censored Me for Posting Facts They Don’t Like Again

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Mark Dice is an independent media analyst and bestselling author of “Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.” He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from California State University and was the first conservative YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers (in 2017).

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Written by Mark Dice

I'm Mark Dice and I enjoy laughing at liberal lunatics, exposing celebrity scum, and debunking the fake news industrial complex. You have found the BEST CONSERVATIVE CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE. If you're on the Trump Train, you'll love my channel where every day we will enjoy mocking the mainstream media and exposing the liberal agenda while we defend the Constitution and Make America Great Again! This channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and more than 300 million views, and Mark Dice's viral videos have been mentioned on the Fox News Channel, CNN, the Drudge Report, TMZ, the New York Daily News, the Washington Times, and other media outlets around the world. Subscribe now! Click the to turn on notifications, and I'll see you soon! New videos Monday through Friday.


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  1. What they won't tell anyone is, that anything they (political sector) want to do today, as politically to "make up any rules" (arbitrary for any future date) for the commercial sector… which is hard for them to do… can be changed at any later date when those politicians are not in office… they think that they are going to be around in 13, 20, 25 years' time, as to keep pushing an agenda that can change at any time they change their political demands for people to vote on… or that they are voted out by people not taking their shit anymore.

    That they don't want anyone to give any attention to what their talking about, because they want everything to seem as "status quo", of them being an authority (who never really gained it) and of who controls how people will be told how to think (propaganda and fact checks)… as they seem to make out that everyone is going to be a robot… as in how everyone was jabbed as the proof of it al doing so without questioning them as to who gave them any authority is only by contract law.. is only via a contract that they have made up to take away free speech.

    Break their contract… go someplace else…. as like RUMBLE.

  2. California's leadership is inept and unprepared. Truth MD! I am sick of this racial crap. You cant say a black person is a screw up because you would be labeled a racist? Go to hell there are jacked up people of all races. This is tiresome nonsense. I was never a slave and I doubt there are many living now who were. Get over it, move on already! Show me the now, stop bitching about the then! They are making me racist with this constant propaganda.

  3. I watch YouTube for about 2 hours after I wake up every morning to watch my favorite conservative news outlets you know sometimes Fox, rumble Mark Dice of course and out of that 2 hours YouTube will play about 25 commercials and only about 1 or 2 have white people in it and if it does have a white person in it it's a person playing an interracial part or a gay person what's going on is so painfully obvious it's ridiculous…

  4. It's a Conflation Nation.
    It's so fun watching them run to scheme a variation of another plot.
    Who are they going to blame for starting the next lie they refuse to stop repeating?

  5. I was reading some of the comments of this post and a subscriber of Mark Dice's commented or replied to another comment and said that these people have been living off us( quite literally I might add) and trying to taking over everything we built and that is SO SO TRUE, that subscriber hit the nail on the head with that comment….

  6. Sure would like to know how many California politicians and wealthy have natural gas home generators. No worry about running out of electricity for their cars and home during rolling blackouts. Simply flip a switch and you have full power. Unfortunately it very costly to have one installed. So the average Joe can't afford one.

  7. Nice bit Mark~ gotta luv 'just the facts" posts you're always providing us! That and some good ol' fashioned humor! I have found that if you are conservatively minded and post on Falsebook, you are going to be harrassed by the Liberal Lunacy in one form or another… for me, it's just confirmation that you are making a difference! 😉Keep it 💯brother! R/

  8. Perfect timing. I too was, just today, blocked for stating a fact that transgendered "women" are still men, and that transgendered "Karen's" are simply men behaving as they believe women are supposed to act. FB jail is a badge of honor. Period.

  9. They want you driving electric, they they want it to be powered by solar, then Billy Boy is currently funding programs to block the sun…. You can’t make this stuff up….. 🤦‍♀️

  10. When you get a Facebook ban, you know you’re posting the truth!!! Wear it as a badge of honour, Mark!!! We all do!! And this is why Zuckerberg is now no longer a billionaire!! Let’s keep this rolling!!

  11. When I call someone a groomer its worse than a slur. Its a death threat. Its quite literally meant to be understood as "if I get a chance to push you in front of a bus I am going to do it". And I'll still be whatever-ist when Interview with no Cruise or Pitt fails to get renewed for season 2.

  12. The irony of a conservative whining about being canceled when that’s all conservatives do. 🤦🏻‍♂️
    I’m not a conservative nor am I a liberal… I can’t stand anyone being banned for speaking their mind so long as they’re speaking the truth.

  13. I posted that exact meme on my fed up with democrats page and nada. although, i AM in Texas and recent law changes prohibit facebook from banning me for the 10th time. Literally. Ive had 9 now lol

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