Facebook Censoring Real People Accused Of Being Bots

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Meta(Facebook)…sounds like the LONG arm for the CIA, US military Industrial complex. US cant stay out of other countries business. What is "inauthentic behavior"? OUR $ being used to help US corps do US dirty work. So…much for respecting "democracy"

  2. "Synthetic left" is probably the most accurate of all these labels. I still don't like it because it uses the word left and that's misleading when your describing fascists. I like the troll like feeling that I get when I say "shitlib" but these people already call themselves something far more despicable…DEMOCRATS. Let's just call them that until they have to rebrand themselves like the Intelligence Community.

  3. You get decent guests but I won't forget how you screwed all of us being but hurt Bernie wouldn't come on your show. Kiss ars Tulsi Traitor supporter. I wish you would own up to the betrayal and mistake that was. Guess money is more important bashing aNY dEM YOU CAN FIND FOR CLICKS.

  4. How could what Facebook is doing be considered "racist" when Hispanics aren't a race? And haven't been since 1977, when the US Census Bureau realized that Hispanics being half-White Spanish, half-Aztec/Incan meant they were actually "Mixed/Other" in the Race categories. (Which is why, when you look through a job application or a W-2 form, it asks you what your ethnicity is – with "Hispanic" not being anywhere in the first box – & THEN asks you – in a completely SEPARATE box – whether you are of Hispanic or Non-Hispanic "Origin.") Bigoted, maybe, even Nationalistic in the way Hitler was, but not racist.

  5. Max Blumenthal reminds my why I don't like or trust him. How clean is his language about US mercenaries in Latin America compared to his language about the same 'hooligans' in the Middle East. When it comes to mercenaries killing in the Middle East and North Africa he has no problem criminalizing the religion of the VICTIMS with western imperialist language like jihadi, islamist terrorist while never mentioning the religion of the Isreali and their western allies. The same mercenaries bought and paid by the west in Latin America he calls hooligans. What is he going to call them next. rascals?

  6. Had anyone looked up this Meta and thr definition of what its about? Plus the name was stolen from another company. So glad I got rid of the toxicity… life is so much better without it!

  7. I've been a BOT on FB since 2005. Not only that, I have 14 FB accounts, since 2005.  
    Does that make me 14 BOTS???
    Hey. . . maybe I can connect all these BOTS and turn into a giant Voltron type BOT and go over to FB HQ and kick it the fuck off into the ocean.

  8. The US regime has a long and evil history of invasion, coups, and great wickedness in Latin America and the Carib Islands. This satanic government does not want any semblance of any other ideologies including socialism but that of capitalism which has always been only for a few people at the behest of the many who support them. And you think the things done to its own people is not to be expected? A country founded on evil and shedding of innocent blood can never be great nor righteous. Shame shame!

  9. You can't be an open conservative and be left alone on fakebook. My wife finally deleted hers when they went through her posts and found something to ban her for 90 days. The post was made in 2015 and this was the beginning of 2021! She never posted anything promoting any type of violence. She did post articles from conservative sites or truth from foreign media that we weren't hearing about here. She did post info from DARPA on LifeLog. Look into that if you don't know what it was. It's fakebook. Suckerberg did not invent it.

  10. I got censored on Facebook. I have schizophrenia. And was saying that I am transexual homosexual and there are bounties on homosexuals in my country Russia. And there are people that sell big data on homosexuals.

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