Facebook CENSORS Trump Post About COVID, Media And Big Tech Are Colluding To Help Joe Biden

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  1. every time big tech censors free speech…they give Trump a boost. They are making Trump a martyr. plus it draws attention to the Trumps issue with big tech censorship.

  2. I'm so tired of social media companies deciding what's okay and not okay for me to see. I like thinking for myself and it's not my fault there's stupid people who believe every little thing they read on Twitter and don't bother looking any further into it.

  3. As per CDC data, COVID is less deadly than the flu for most age groups… it is really deadly for the elderly and people with 2 or more comorbidities, and I am talking here real end of life comorbidities like cancer, renal failure, etc. People are replacing data with their opinion when all they need to do is open CDC website and download the actual data to see for themselves… oh and by the way, just to know how much the media is lying, there are 65,000 covid deaths on the CDC website that say due to self harm or other accidents… so what does that mean, it means someone died of suicide or car accident and their death is counted as did it happen? the states, all of them, currently do a cross check of the name of someone who died against the names of people who tested positive for covid in the past few months, and if let's say a person got covid, then died two months later in a car crash, the system would flag them as having covid, and they will be marked as covid deaths… now you might ask why would they do that? because most hospitals are receiving government bailout based on covid, so they have an incentive in the numbers being high rather than low. everyone is spending all day watching fear mongering on the mainstream media and thinking covid is all around us and killing everyone, in fact a survey showed that americans think covid killed 9% of the population so far (that's 3+ millions)…but if you disconnect from the narrative for a minute and ask yourself, how many people do you know in real life that died from COVID…for most people the answer is zero, they might have heard about someone that someone else knows, but the vast majority only experienced either having COVID or knowing someone who had COVID and rarely anyone knows someone hospitalized or died because of it… now ask yourself how many people you know that lost jobs or their lives turned upside down this year because of covid and lockdowns, you will find out that almost everyone got hurt….

  4. Trump when he said in most populations is talking about in most age groups and he is right… the average age of COVID death in the US is 78, and the average life expectancy in the US is 78… so pretty much COVID is killing the dead…its basically shaving off few months of life expectancy of people who are almost there…this is terrible but important to know when you see them locking young people and children and healthy adults…also important to know we would have had less death if democrat governors didn't put COVID infected people in nursing homes, this alone was responsible for half of the death count in the US but you don't know that because they won't tell you…

  5. Mainstream media polls are manipulated…they oversample democrats by 6 points, then they show you Biden leading Trump, DUH!. These polls are intended for voter suppression, they are designed to demoralize Trump voters from going to the polls because when they see the polls they might think the game is already lost so no point of going out… don't believe them… look at independent pollsters like Trafalgar and others, showing Trump winning comfortably in most swing states, and very tight with Biden in the popular vote… this election has more chance of being a Trump landslide than it is being a narrow Biden win, that's how far ahead Trump is on the ground. Go out and vote, don't be discouraged or complacent. Even if you are in a blue state, vote big to make a statement to your state government to stop the insanity of lawlessness and over taxation. Vote on all races.

  6. Or maybe the voter fraud is so that the DNC can make the votes match the polls.

    I hate to say this but maybe… MAYBE…. We should also do some harvesting ourselves….

  7. Populations by age. Kids are fundamentally unaffected by covid but are quite susceptible to the flu!
    Perhaps Facebook is trying to kill kids by minimizing the flu?

  8. It's a scam, we all know it. The virus turned out to be as the flu. Media is just fueling the fear and the doctors are forging then numbers as they please to get money and the politicians find this as a justification to violate people's rights.

  9. It’s bc of CNN (and if they ever cancel you) why people are voting for the President. I’m not convinced anyone takes cancel news seriously unless they wear mom jeans (old people and white liberal girls).