Facebook Considers Canning Food to be “Extremism”

I bet Zuckerborg has a fully stocked doomsday bunker:


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  1. F—book has their own problems. The UK Daily Mail posted a video regarding black people and the AI prompts "Do you wish to see more videos about primates?" F—book issued an apology but I am kinda curious who programmed their AI to think that way? Are F—book employees closet racists? Did they sneak over from Farmville? Maybe the AI is confusing canning, which is harmless, to caning, which isn't.

  2. the whole system itself is between rich and poor, thousands of children die each year from lack of basics, boxers earning millions just for one fight, actors making millions,rockstars..the list is endless..our present state of living arrangements on this planet is extreme..i think to put it quite simply, we are now living in an idiocracy a world run by idiots..put in power through the ballot box..the sheep live their whole lives afraid of the wolf only to be slaughtered by the shepherd.

  3. I will survive on massive amounts of home canned pickles, Sweet and Kosher dill. But I did put up some BEEF earlier in the year. That is really looking like a great idea now that only GOV employees and politicians can afford beef,, if they can get it.

  4. Well if you have a garden and grow food you have to can or do something to save it some way. Get your veggies in because winters coming, we are in Sept. I got all my gadgets in my kitchen to save food, I save money on dehydration because if it's not eaten I dehydrate it and than freeze it like fruit and veggies.

  5. Remember back during the 2019 toilet paper shortages, the "Blue check marks" on twitter, were calling for police to go door to door to check if people had more than two weeks of supplies and confiscate it!

    Go fuck yourselves, commies!

  6. Holy ef'n moly. So now u can your own veggies or meat, that makes you a threat … To do for yourself. So glad we had food and water when we were unable to get out after having a freak winter storm.

  7. These frightened little sheep that live and work in the hi-tech bubble are becoming less and less capable of functioning without Pre-made, instantly available everything.
    The day the power goes out from a natural disaster will be their apocalypse. Can you imagine these people who can barely make toast having to figure out how to eat, sleep and survive?
    For all of their intelligence they are functionally worthless.

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