Facebook Content Moderator: ‘If Someone’s Wearing MAGA Hat, I’m Going to Delete Them for Terrorism’

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Written by Project Veritas

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  1. Deregulation of the Big Tech needs to be a priority! The election cycle obviously is ABSOLUTELY A EYE OPENER! They’re using algorithms as the excuse for it!!! BOYCOTT THEM!

  2. Sometimes I think Facebook, twitter, have their own leaks and plants that way they control the narrative
    I don't like this guys eye contact. I also saw duping delight when there should have been NO smiling

  3. Can Zuckerberg be this stupid? Facebook is a great company that could be so much more than it is if it gets rid of all of the authoritarians that it has hired. Open up the platform to all groups and all voices and let the community determine who deserves attention and who should be laughed at.

  4. so the world news on social media is essentially run, filtered and decided by 16 gossip mongering high school girls who hate freedom of speech and have too much carbs

  5. Gosh I hope something can be done to create a free speech social media and become a viable competitor to the bias Face book and you tube that is going to influence the next election, more than any foriegn power.

  6. James, I hope you're getting this report to someone in the Trump family, & how about Bill Barr, the AG of the Justice Dept.
    And thank you for everything you do & report to the public.

    Praying for all the journalist employed with project veritas. Their safety & security is of utmost importance to the American people. & They should have some form of personal protection for themselves.

    The have you been to the "rape barn" comment of the last video I watched & shared on FB messaging. Sends a child down my spine, & sparked a highten concern for all of you working so diligently.

  7. In 7 days I will be able to return back to what was an expectation of a Right. Banned for 30 days… of course I offended a twinkle provider of Facebook. His/It's Rainbow of division and fascist separation of the Colors was surely offended by my taunt. Since Facebook resides of/on American soil why are they not incarcerated for equal offense?