Facebook DELETES 216 Trump Ads Over Hate Speech Policy, The Game Is RIGGED

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  1. The average American doesn't even use social media as a means with which to be politically informed..and those who do aren't voting for trump anyway. So the lack of ads pertaining to trump on Facebook aren't gonna do much to his base. I think he will still take 2020. Despite all the hokey pokey trouble making from the left

  2. The FB changes come about because FB believes that Trump's name saturating media and social media is what won him the Presidency in 2016 so they plan to saturate with Bidens name and block Trump's as much as possible this election season.

  3. This is why Tim thinks he isn't a conservative, but he is. Very few conservatives are radical anti regulation of companies. In fact, some of the most prominent have said, capitalism without regulation is anarchy. That is a Dave Ramsey original quote. No conservative is for anarchy.

  4. I just caught something when Tim was reading the FB Ad TOS. You can't mention someone's criminal history? So if someone ran an ad that mentioned the illegal spying under the Obama administration, that has grounds to be removed even though it's a straight fact and a matter of national security the American people have a right to know about?

  5. Knocked it out or the park at 8:00. Big corps control supply AND demand, depressing wages. They have a supply of workers to choose from. If there were more good jobs than people, corporations would have to compete for labor.

  6. IF YOU still have a Facebook or Twitter account, YOU ARE part of THE PROBLEM. There are plenty of Alt Tech platforms to choose from in 2020… if you still feel the need to post your life on the internet.

  7. Censorship is the bane of a free society.

    All these tech companies are doing by censoring the right (from the common person all the way up to the President) is encouraging me to support the right because it tells me the left not only supports censoring people but they are incapable of forming a sound opposing argument.

  8. Hello! Yes. Me right here! I live in Omar's district and there are many Somalis here. They all all over the place. I see them every day. The media are criticizing Trump for wanting to reduce the number of ADDITIONAL refugees, in addition, again, to the already very high number that I see every day, from 18,000 to 15,000. For this, he is a racist because that's a "new record low." Oh mah gawd, only 15K people from Africa moving into my community. I should apparently be upset by this.

  9. Immigration is what got us in this mess Tim. Do you not see people like ilhan Omar doing everything she can to subvert the government? And the 30 million Latinos in this country ain't voting conservative. They're not adding to this society in terms of government. this is why we're headed towards socialism at a screaming pace

  10. Tim, it isn't the conservatives that are arguing that facebook should be allowed to censor because it is a private company. It's the liberals, arguing facetiously.

  11. After those hearings where Zuckerberg said he wouldn't interfere with the election and that he would support free speech and stop banning of conservatives. I actually thought he might change. Jack Dorsey of Twitter just denies everything going on but Zuckerberg actually agreed what is happening on his platform.
    But here he is interfering in the election when he said he wouldn't. Its time he loses control of his platform if he cant keep it free from election meddling.

  12. Democratic party is in full panic mode. Biden tried to look like a tough guy at the debate and Trump made him look like an old fuddy duddy, that is too scared to even publicly state party positions. Now Biden is trying to pivot to look "Presidential", while doing no press, and no campaign events. Biden has no hype, he can't turn out the base.

    If Trump has a quick recovery there is no way Biden will do anymore face to face debates. Back to hidin' for Joe Biden.

  13. mass immigration from countries that dont even speak the language will take many years to get to the point where they can even be hired for the most menial jobs.

  14. Imagine how much better the world would be without Facebook and Twitter. No seriously. Not even being an edgy boomer. The existance of those companies is a net negative for the entire planet and all the people on it.