Facebook Employees Protest In Favor Of Censoring Trump

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  1. Sooo I hear you, BUT if trump has deemed social media platforms the official messaging tools of the govt, shouldn't it then be subject to rigorous fact checking? he isn't using it hype taco Tuesday, he's using it as the prime avenue for roling out policies and firing people. Thats already very different from the original mission of social media companies.

  2. “Let him hang himself with his own words.” People don’t understand that by LETTING people spew garbage they only hurt themselves in the process. You aren’t protecting anyone with censorship on these platforms. You’re only thinking of how you feel.

  3. These #Resistance types think they're so tough. You ain't Dumbledore's Army, boys and girls.

    More importantly this could set a precedent for corporate law to overpower the monopoly of the state. Corporatocracy anybody?

  4. I think it is naive of you, Kyle to believe that fb and Twitter is not In the business of censoring. They have to censor. Otherwise there would be really horrible shit on the platform. If you want a pure message board, go to 4chan and 8chan.

  5. there's one distinct difference is when you have things that are actually facts and can be checked reliable scientific facts they have to be checked you cannot let people just say other b***** constantly without having them fact-checked.

  6. What about places like Myanmar where they spread fake news about Rohingya people which leads to massacre? The American constitution doesn't apply to them. Shouldn't Facebook be responsible for checking that news? If they can't, then they should just not be able to operate there.

  7. One thing that gets forgotten in these conversations is that Facebook knows a lot more about America's personality than any other organization in the world. They also have teams of people who watch the most offensive content for things like determining if a video of a homicide is real or fake. At this point they probably understand exactly who Trump's comments will affect and how. If the people running that machine have a problem with it then we should give it credit on some level.

  8. People keep saying deploying the military domestically is unconstitutional. Was it unlawful when being used for to enforce desegregation? They never mention the Insurrection Act of 1807 or the Posse Comitatus Act. If you do not know what posse comitatus means you are not equipped to have a meaningful discussion on the topic.

  9. So they want to censored out a record of his criminal statements,.. basically helping him as unwitting pr managers. What a bunch of morons.

  10. Where were these Fakebook clowns when the Antifa dude said he would burn X,Y, and Z down? These Fakebook soyboys are so sissyfied they protest with a sickout. Pathetic.

  11. Defending your property is a human right. If someone is looting your store, then you have a right to shoot them. That’s what Trump meant.

  12. Looters, rioters, whatever you want to call them ? Those words have meaning Kyle (difrenet ones). So next time Kyle's house gets looted and he has to hide in the basement fearing for his life, lets just say that he did not have to hide for his life, he was just playing a fun hide and seek game with total strangers, or whatever you want to call it.

  13. Wether they do or don’t censor trump, him being pres should have no bearing, he should have to follow the same rules as us, I think the way twitter handled it was perfect.

  14. But Kyle, THEY ALREADY DO CENSOR US. THEY ALREADY DO FILTER US. THEY ALREADY DO ALL THAT SHIT. I KNOW; I was just recently flagged for my own "Shoot The Pigs" FB post. Sorry, Kyle; this is one of those rare 2% of cases in which I disagree with you. Cuz…FACEBOOK ALREADY DOES THIS SHIT to the rest of US.

  15. It was Antifa who were doing the looting… So if they kill a BLACKMAN, NO ONE CARES… Yeah a retired police officer killed in front of his own pawn store… He got killed over some TV's… Man…. The media can never be trusted… I follow independent news outlets and journailists….the main stream media can literally put anything they want…I'm done good bye

  16. Kyle is so wrong here it is unbelievable. Did he do his research at all? It is not the role of social media to regulate posts. Really? They do plenty of regulation when it comes to individual users, just not those politically aligned or big power players. Where is Kyle's indignation with double standards there? And for gods sake, plenty of online forums adopt heavy regulation over what is acceptable content; posts can be deleted and users banned.

    If social media is not to regulate posts, then why do social media users get to ban others from posting on their feed? Where's the freedom of speech there? Where again is Kyle's indignation there? After all, the feed belongs to the social media platform, the users do not own their own sites.

    It seems that every channel left or right, that gets big all start to just pander instead of actually doing better than MSM.

  17. But Kyle, you know damn well that FB does censor already. Zuckerberg wants to censor certain things but not others. That's the issue. FB has already started labeling posts that are fake or have erroneous information on personal profiles. Why do it for us but not for people in power?! I'm all for an outside/third-party confirmation system investigating posts and labeling them as fake, true, or combination.

  18. the biggest bunch of hypocrites are silicon valleys people who call themselves liberals when they let US spy on everyone.
    they cant understand that big tech is about to censor people like him who are anti them next
    if not why don't they censor doxxing by SJWs ??? they are just using the left and left is blind too see it

  19. What I don't want to do is be on facebook, but if it ends up trickling down to inform me and friends of what Our Leader says and does, it should stay right there in plain sight.