Facebook Fact-Checker Who “Debunked” Wuhan Lab as Source of Coronavirus, Worked at Lab

A Facebook fact checker who has ‘debunked’ articles suggesting that COVID-19 may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology has a giant conflict of interest; she worked at the institute.

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Written by Ben Swann

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  2. Considering the Stanford research, with similar work being done in Germany and LA, showing that the virus is far more widespread than previously thought, none of which increases the number of deaths, meaning the death rate is vastly lower than previously thought. The real hard lesson is that politicians are incompetent to the point of almost being a public menace, and their idiocracy has caused untold amounts of economic strife and fallout.

  3. I hope your platform arrives sooner rather than later. Another social media network is so desperately needed. The problem is to get humans away from what is familiar.

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  5. Indeed the genome mapping on CV 19 has demonstrated that it contains specific "cleavages" affect furin bounding that are ONLY found in laboratory, experimentally designed strains. Natural corona virus lines don't have it. This woman's assertions are demonstrably false.

  6. The biggest problem with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, etc., is that they are bought, paid for and in bed with organizations like Big Pharma & Bill Gates.

  7. Wuhan? really? How about Fort Detrick and the fact that there was a "security breach" in August 2019 (the second one by the way). This virus has been around and spreading since July 2019 or earlier. If you are really concerened about finding out the truth of the matter why are you not looking into this. Like when did the worldwide cases explode? When the military teams (already infected by then) competing in the Wuhan Games went home at the end of October 2019! Note: is it true that the US team members were often ill with the "flu" during the games?

  8. Fort Detrick later reported that 92 vials of bio-components went missing after the security breach of August 2019, the reason the the CDC order to shut them down?

  9. How long before Youtube blocks this video? The fact of the matter is that everyone who "works" for Alphabet which owns Youtube and Fakebook, is out of touch with reality.
    Their life centers around political correctness, virtue signaling, wholesale acceptance of perversion, and a visceral hatred of Christianity. "Fact" to these isolated creatures is whatever can be used to pervert and attack all that is good and right in American Christian culture.