Facebook fact-checkers’ “pants on fire” lie (from Livestream #84)

Facebook fact-checkers’ “pants on fire” lie . Clip with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.

PolitiFact declares the lab leak hypothesis an idea so bad it qualifies as “pants on fire:”: PolitiFact declares lab leak hypothesis “pants on fire”:

Robert Malone podcast:,-in-three-easy:0

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #84 (originally streamed live on June 12, 2021):


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In this 84th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. Over the past year politicians have created an entirely new phenomenon, namely "The Science". There is no such thing, yet all discourse and comment surrounding the virus and the pandemic has been predicatedd on it.

  2. The neoliberal elite have used reputation demolition by expert authority as the ONLY means to maintain power for my entire life. 43 years and they have never actually tried to truly persuade or reason. MANUFACTURING CONSENT THROUGH FEAR AND SOCIAL CONTROL.

  3. ingsoc was the ideology, not the party in 1984. And the Party wasn't 'dominant' – it was the ONLY party imaginable. That's the whole point of totalitarianism. When all opposition has been crushed, that's exactly when they ramp up the persecution.

  4. [sarcasm]I just fact checked this piece. 1984 doesn’t exist. I know a guy who said so once. He also said Australia doesn’t exist. I’m an Aussie but still believe he’s right.[sarcasm]

    Pfft. This whole world is going woke & scientifically broke. Evil abounds when good men do nothing. I’m so glad to see good people doing something (before they’re cancelled)

  5. Has anyone thought about suing these fact-checking agencies? I mean, they're promoting FALSEHOODS as being being truth, and they're promoting theories (that are now being proving to be truths) as being false/fabrications/lies.

    They should be held responsible for what THEY say, as they are leading people down a dangerous road of "ignorance of facts" and following a narrative in which they have been paid to adhere to.

    They are promoting a dangerous concept of "creating facts from narratives" whereas they should be determining FACTS from all sources of reputable data/information/research from experts from ALL viewpoints, not just from a viewpoint they agree with. That is an OMISSION OF FACTS, purposefully used to promote their agenda.

    That's gross negligence, in the least bit of journalism to KNOWINGLY omit facts from a document deemed "factual" for the purpose of influencing the decisions of the public/audience.

  6. This is the communist equivalent to the politburo. The communists and fascists are in charge and will soon start the process of conflict and violent removal of dissent in order to achieve their end goal.

  7. Just got to say I fecking love you guys. Informative none biased discussions exact opposite of most. I hope you're channel is around for a long time.

  8. I only wish just once, when talking about privacy people would explain it’s not really the privacy laws one need to worry about it’s what we do with other peoples private information to go after them, to harm them, to ruin and sabotage their lives sometimes for no other reason than for sadistic entertainment

  9. I only wish just once, when talking about privacy people would explain it’s not really the privacy laws one need to worry about it’s what we do with other peoples private information to go after them, to harm them, to ruin and sabotage their lives sometimes for no other reason than for sadistic entertainment

  10. Facebook and Politfact seem to have failed hard here, and I wouldn't expect better from Facebook at least. It's a sinister and habitually dishonest operation.

    What I'm not seeing is how this relates to Fauci in the slightest way, and the line drawn between Fauci and 1984 is preposterous. You should really show more responsibility in your use of language and cut down on vague, suggestive, allusive or insinuating comment lacking concrete substantiation.

    YouTube and Facebook have (for their own interests) deleted some posts and given their monopolistic power this is a serious problem. I for one would be thrilled to see them get their wings clipped.

    But it is not "censorship". Dr Malone is on Twitter every single day, his (to my limited insight reasonable) claims have received wide circulation and there's a growing body of published literature on Ivermectin as a CoVid treatment also. Nobody is being oppressed. It's just the usual half-assed incompetence of government and media in dealing with scientific questions.

  11. BTW you should consider whether Facebook isn't in fact baiting conservatives, reasoning that if it gets enough of them to denounce it it'll automatically enlist many liberals in its defence as a sort of reflex. They're devious enough to use such a strategy to ward off being broken up by anti trust authorities.

    Pity you weren't so energetic in opposing Facebook misinformation back when it was the No 1 destination for Trump campaign expenditure.

  12. It takes 7-10 yrs minimum to develop an (allegedly) safe Vax (Dr Zekenko- who repurposed HCQ +zinc in mid-March 2020 w/a +99% recovery/cure rate!!

  13. I hope you all realize that fact checkers are communist foreigners. Clearly, our country has been infiltrated and if we don’t get off our asses, make our VOICES HEARD, we are doomed to that exact same communism. You can kiss your freedoms goodbye

  14. You need to come up with the Scott Adams titles, where your title is something about mushroom spores, because the initial scan is based on your title. Less threatening title, less likely to be banned. Though being banned has it's uses.

  15. So why are you two self proclaimed liberals when that very ideology supports these types of politicians and way of thinking that is bringing us closer to making 1984 a reality?

  16. Its such a crazy time. I'm listening to basically my political opposite and they are expressing the same concerns after having entire podcasts removed. God Bless you guys

  17. There are people in this comment section even trying to shut you up for stating an opinion. I was told to get a hold of myself for a comment I posted when I was feeling worried and helpless. I blocked the guy.