Facebook Hires Chinese Censorship Experts To Censor YOU

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Written by Timcast

Tim Pool opinions and commentary channel


  1. I’m a conservative and watch your content and I can tell you right now your “social opinions” don’t mean shit to me or any other true conservative…matter of fact I laugh at you and some of your soy boy social opinion ramblings. Your not pulling any conservatives over into your fence sitting left leaning ways…we are here for your commentary calling the left out for who they are and how they are destroying America…you can flush your left leaning social opinions down the toilet for all I care

  2. when i search the title of this video on duckduckgo in the US, your video is #5 behind articles by brietbar, then mediaite, whatdidyousay, and then your bitchute copy of this video, then the youtube video

  3. So what if we have fascism?
    At least we'll feel really self righteous for 5 minutes spazzing out about the orange man until this blows up in our faces!
    -The left

  4. I'm not any more Left than when I started watching, the main reason I'm here instead of somewhere like The Daily Wire is because it's too commercialized, and their personalities become too much of the show. I'm pretty sure Ben Shapiro is still rolling an R somewhere.

  5. Tim thinks he is making his viewership more moderate. Maybe it looks that way to him because he is now more conservative. I've watched his transformation over the last few years.

  6. This should be a main channel story. Any censorship is scary and everyone needs to know about it. Its the first amendment for a very good reason.

  7. This big tech social engineering is all together a bad idea, no matter what their goals are. This is a tool nobody should have. Its already in questionable hands, what happens when it falls in to wrong ones.

  8. these leftist commies are a joke. I get called a far right racist blahblahblah by them all the time for daring to voice an opinion that they don't agree with. Just for fun took a couple of political spectrum tests and I'm not real sure someone could get much closer to the center of the 4 quadrants. They just don't like what I have to say because I'm usually having to defend republicans from democrat lies. And god forbid you try and teach them how the legal system in this country works.

  9. Tim I gotta be honest with our tech in USA what would FB need china for? I feel like if anything they wouldn't be as in touch with the nuances of American society as an equally intellectual mind in social programming or code, we all know there are 1000s of anti Trumpers with all the same skills right here in the good old US of A…..

  10. If youtube wants to make me more moderate they can start by banning far-left crazies like tyt and vaush. Oh what's that you only ban right wingers? Alright then.

  11. Everyone hates a moderate, Tim Pool can be disgustingly moderate at times but when I get irritated with the failure to connect the dots I try to recognize that I am running into my own bias. I watch because I believe Tim does his best to provide an assessment of the days news. He is a news aggregator not the arbiter of truth or particular values.

    Everyone hates the centrist but people are loath to shoot the fence sitter because its just not good sport. Tim keep up the good work.

  12. they just straight up removed a dutch youtuber with the wrong views, sure the guy had some strange ideas, but he was a dutch celebrity, and was questioning the goverment so they just got rid of him with a bullshit reason

  13. 100% confirmed Tim Pool is no longer shadow banned on YouTube and Google. I get nearly the same results with Google and DuckDuckGo when I search Tim Pool and I can also get it on my phones google search. I live in the PNW and as of last week I could not find Tim Pool on Google or my phone but I would get google play notifications of new videos. Now I get normal notifications and can find this channel on google mobile