Facebook Is Openly Building Dystopia

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Jaffer Khan and Lee Camp get into Mark Zuckerberg’s intentions.

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  1. I do not know ANYONE who uses facebook or I-phones! Paying over $1,000 for a device that totally DESTROYS privacy is the STUPIDEST thing I ever heard! What is the point? The REAL world is FREE to EXPERIENCE every day & night!

  2. Facebook just suspended me for 30 days, so I deleted their app. My message did not warrant such a thing, but oh well. I knew that going in. They want to control speech, thoughts and behaviors and they won’t control mine, so if that means getting more suspensions or even getting banned, then so be it.

  3. Elon Musk says that the chances that are living in the base reality are almost nil. If you consider the progress of computers since the game Pong came out some 40 years ago to today's games and virtual reality and project that forward its just a matter of time until computer world's are indistinguishable from reality. But the laugh is on Musk. He's just a character in Zuckerbergs game.

  4. Read Nisargadatta Maharaj… you can be perfected… Sadguru. Jnani, saint, sage, enlightened… these are real people. Siddhis are real. You're just dumb to want a nonempathic titanium shell around an emotionless psychopathic Ego.

  5. Calm down people, Zuckerberg is only doing his bit in the fight against global warming.
    Didn't you get his memo about the metaverse being 100% carbon neutral?
    And gluten free?
    [sarcasm off]

  6. Supergirl actually has an season where what's her face evil girl builds a computer world and people are addicted to it and Lex tries to use it to conquer the world or something. lol I haven't watched it recently but it's exactly all this.
    "Soulless profit machine." 'merica

  7. Facebook has always been a crappy website. The only thing "unique" about Facebook is how much of the site is dedicated to the CIA and their spying on you.
    I deleted my Facebook account probably close to 10 years ago. I have a fake account but I only use it if I am looking for local garage sale. Good job Zuckerberg, you replaced the "classifieds" that use to be in physical newspapers. Wow, what a revolutionary. 😐😐😐😆

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