Facebook Is Promoting Calls of Violence & Death on Russian Civilians


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  1. If white males are to be targeted,, can we at least start with all billionares (like a George Soros) who fund these scumbag groups like BLM, Antifa, WEF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and so so many more.

  2. We are witnessing, in real time, how wrong it is to blame an entire group of people for the actions of those in charge…
    To blame all Canadians for what our government did to indigenous children, back in the day, is about as logical as blaming all Russians for what Putan is doing.. It’s nonsensical.

  3. Subscribing to this idea of holding all Russians responsible for Pooty Poot is like holding all Americans responsible for the Piss Pants Potato in office.. 🤷🏼‍♀️ and suddenly it's okay to be violent on social media, as long as it falls in line with a current narrative. Move along, nothing to see here..

  4. Won't be surprised if we end up in another war we shouldn't be part of and won't be surprised if the border crossers turn out to be soldiers from other nations that start a war here

  5. What about Pussy Riot? That falls in the every category they try to protect but now it's OK to call for harm to come to them? FB Mark head's gonna explode from thinking about it!

  6. This is no surprise. Anyone who has 2 brain cells knows that it was (and always will be) the Leftists and Socialists who commit the most horrendous atrocities in human history. The most evil people in history were Socialist. Hitler was a Socialist (for you fools who don't know history it is actually part of the Nazi name).

  7. As a straight white guy who now self identifies as a gay transgender person of color I can feel everyone's pain. Personally I have no hate in my heart for anyone, except for… left-handed people. Never trust lefties, (not someone on the left) southpaws, whatever you want to call them. It might be their beliefs, the way they view the world, or how they hold a pencil but there's just something suspicious about them.

  8. Common folk people are fodder for the elite. We need to come together as communities and provide for ourselves and each other. Grow our own food. Well, our own water. Educate our children. Open our own neighborhood clinics. Provide our own energy and communications. It can be done but we need unity and a workable plan. I know, just a pipe dream for peace (instead or war) and love (instead of hate).

  9. Ukrain is in bed with the illegal develcrat party of Joe Biden's administration. They are as corrupt as Hillary.
    We send billions of dollars to Ukraine then Ukraine sends millions back to the develcrats like the Biden's, pilosi's,Kerry's,shiners and many more flying under the radar. Putin my new hero!

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