Facebook Just BANNED Basically The ENTIRE Country Of Australia In Most INSANE Act Of Censorship EVER

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  1. One note: it's not 'news' it's what 'Facebook considers news' – same as you need to agree what Politics is before people can be held to 'no politics' rules in places like Discord.

  2. Tbh, after thinking about it, this seems like a case of both “malicious compliance” and “the left eats itself”. Emergency services’ accounts simply got caught in the crossfire.

  3. Let's not forget that social media sites are dying just as much as "news" outlets Tim these people are trying to act like we need to depend on these platforms little do they know people actually have lives unlike them trying to control them

  4. Anyone else been feeling like YouTube is on its last leg. It feels like traditional TV in the early 2000s when every channel had to have its own reality tv show and original entertainment started to drop off the cliff. The AI is populating repetitive content.. If you watch one cat video you get 20,000 animal video recommendation. I watch one Joe Rogan. Video and I see his entire catalog. YouTube used to be wild, free and random. Now it sucks AI don’t lend to free information/ entertainment harvesting

  5. The Australian Government are trying to put a tax on news links. Its a pathetic cash grab which has blown up in their face. Facebook are just taking steps to prevent The Australian Government from profiting from extortion.
    While it is true that the so called Tech Giants need to be taxed far more extensively , this tax on links is totally the wrong way of going about it.
    Internet usage is still based on the free flow of information, any impediment on linking information is doomed to fail and fail badly.
    A much more suitable form of taxation would be to put a percentage on profits earned from the citizens of each country in order for the company to operate in that country.
    For instance If Facebook earn $10 billion from the US citizens using their platform they should pay the US Treasury a pre defined percentage for the privilege of access to the consumers and rights to operate in the US.
    All nations could implement a similar system and force Facebook ,Google and the rest of Big Tech to pay.

  6. You'd think a bunch of corrupt, power hungry and egotistical politicians would be concerned that a billion dollar corporation can so heavily influence elections and even silence world leaders.

  7. Hahahaha… I know Aussies. They wont take this shite lying down. As a former Infantryman I have only 3 infantrymen Id willingly go to war with. Germans, Englishmen and Australians. And the preferably the Aussies. If You live in a contry where half of the native wildlife and plantlife is actively trying to kill you, you have to be a certain kind of hardarse.

  8. Break them up. Let the information flow. Then regulate FB and Amazon. As it stands. Big Tech can afford the onerous fines, while crushing everyone else. No. Crush them

  9. There needs to be publicly owned virtual spaces. Publicly owned versions of FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Where Rights and Freedoms apply, their political position is neutral, and the only content that is not allowed is that which would get a person arrested.

  10. Fact check (for whatever any fact check is worth these days!): (1) A bit under 26 million people in Oz. (2) Murdoch doesn't own the majority of news sites – last I knew it was about 30% of newspapers (however, they sell far more papers than the remainder combined) and a pay tv channel (Sky News Australia). But most people don't bother with pay tv in Australia, so select bits of Sky News is broadcast on a sub channel of one of the major free to air networks (but only to the regions outside the capital cities). The vast, vast majority of broadcast news here is woke bullshit, particularly from the ABC and SBS (the two govt funded networks – think BBC). Less so from the other three major networks, but all are left leaning. However, despite its reduced reach, Sky News seems fairly influential, probably because many of its hosts also contribute to the Murdoch newspapers or are on talk back radio. In my experience, most people don't watch tv news here, and many who did (like my dad who'd watched ABC news religiously his entire life) can't stomach the bias anymore and have either switched off or converted to Sky. (3) From what I can tell, even most lefties here think Facebook should be paying for content, so I'm not really sure what their play is. (4) If Facebook shutdown, Australian apathy would see most people shrug and say, "Alright, fvck off then!"