Facebook Keeps on Dying…

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at Facebook/Meta and the new Meta Quest Pro. Mark has made the metaverse just a little less soulless by adding legs or something. If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft nothing here should shock you. Thanks for watching!
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  1. I am very, Very glad to see a truly corrupt corporation crumble in humiliation.
    Our society allows the corrupt to escape justice so much that when then they completley fail from their own incompetence, it warms us all.

    Mark Suckaturd truly is the weirdest looking "human" around; he doesn't look real.

  2. In his closing remarks, Mutahar describes the experience of running into eleven users in the metaverse, after which he suggests that you can leave to go back to building your Minecraft defences or doing whatever Facebook expects Generation Alpha to do. This wouldn't be an isolated experience or anything of the kind. What amateur developers are running into may be precisely that.

    It may be time to inflate the lifeboats rather than sink or swim, but those vestiges of packs of users could be the same people that keep the humanity of life before 2015 intact and preserve the same culture that Mutahar sees as mostly harmless. As Mutahar watches Meta change almost wholly into something new, I am frequently impressed by his silliness.

  3. I want meta verses to succeed. There are some very interesting concepts that Meta has come out with on the Quest store that would be revolutionary in the right hands. It is sad because Meta used to be a company that was big enough to develop these ideas and create this “world,” but it has been poorly managed and created. I like the idea that they initially introduced, but it has become just something to laugh at. At the end of the day, rather than being something I use to communicate and network, my Quest 2 headset has just become another gaming console.

  4. I think the key is at 6:26
    they want to create that dystopia where people live their entire lives inside some googles, your average company (even above average) won't be willing to spend not even $100 per employee for them to work in a virtual office, once you start working you'll realize how hesitant they are even to give a small productivity bonus (like: "hey company, we made you 500k the last month, can the team have a small $100 bonus?" chances are the answer will be no)

  5. Just deleted it now because I keep fucking getting fucking banned. Pussy elderly site now and full of karens, copying tiktok and not in a good way they're just taking tiktoks. trash social media.

  6. When the money becomes garbage to a company this is bad.
    They spent billions on absolutely nothing compared to that money.
    Games like Minecraft created using just one person with little budget but now its billion dollars company.
    So it's not about the money it's about the idea itself . You have to start from nothing not change a successful company name to a new name and spend billions without even knowing what u want or whats new in your idea

  7. this really shows the lack of GOOD ideas billionaires actually put into their company. it's their team that makes the company, not them. sure, they started off with a good idea to actually create the company. but tbh it's really just sheer luck, opportunity, and daddy's money lol.

  8. I feel bad for people that try really hard to bring things to market, whether good or bad, and fail to reach orbit. Spirit of achievement, all that. I even feel bad for Zuck. His company is in freefall, and he is much too old and autismal to innovate. A dinosaur. Sucks on a personal level and I'd hate to be in his position.

    This general feeling of sadness is of course counterbalanced by understanding what sort of damage FB did to the social landscape while it was in its prime. It was never a healthy influence, and blazed the trail for many many other bad things. The beast bleeding can only be for the better.

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