Facebook Makes Special Rule Saying Calls For Violence Against Russians ARE Allowed

Guest: Kim Iversen
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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. I spent my life growing up with war movies about the horrors of it, about how people can become barbaric, get behind a movement or an idealogue and dehumanise others. I was taught this is vile. Reprehensible. I know the 2020's is the decade of reversing any and every moral rule, but I just feel stuck. I hate what Putin is doing, but I know when I feel manipulated in a way that I've been taught all my life not to trust.

  2. Idk y everyone is wonder if govt is directing big tech. Yes they are. look at dr shivas case against the govt and Twitter. The govt has a play book for censoring u.s citizens. Its 0art of the trusted media build. Look at the discovery files in said case

  3. everybody is a nazi lol…. nevermind there are racial nationalist and socialist states all over the world. funny how we dont hear much about the "nazi" regime in Algeria….

  4. Tech companies aren't "unelected". They're elected by people choosing to use their services and the companies' ability to make a profit.
    I'd much prefer a (mostly) market "election" to a government "election", even though these market actors are doing evil. Wars don't need to be started to get rid of Facebook, Google, etc.

  5. lol I said "Russian troops should be bombed back to the border and 50 miles beyond by NATO" and got banned for hate speech on FB. Take this "allow violence rule" with a grain of salt.

  6. That's messed up. So now are Russians or anyone who is perceived as Russian here in the US going to get attacked on the streets like Asians have been experiencing? If social media is okay with being violent towards any group of people–how long will it be when "The Purge" becomes a reality? Jews faced this with the Pogroms in Russia and right before and during the Holocaust. We are on a dangerous road. The Russian people are not to be blamed for what Putin did. These lunatics on social media needs to stop the hate or continue to lose their humanity and their minds. SMH!

  7. We see Russia and Russians as horrible evil we cheer when there troops are killed .We seem to forget that when a persons life ends the sadness is far reaching . THAT SADNESS AND TRAGEDY SEES NO DIVISION AMONG MEN it does not discriminate based on borders / political religious ideals/ the country of your birth /

  8. “Russia’s acts of violence against the Ukrainian citizens is atrocious and should be punished to the highest severity, but also we should seek to incite extreme acts of violence against the Russian people including citizens”


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