Facebook Moves To BAN Steven Crowder As Tech Censorship Increases

Facebook is up to their old tricks as they seem to be moving to deplatform Steven Crowder for some insane reason. Repeal section 230 now!

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  1. Thanks for covering this. I’ve also tested Facebook and my theory was correct. Even if you would set your posts to friends only. It would censor/remove it regardless. Zuckerberg claims Facebook isn’t meant for politics but his actions clearly prove the opposite. I think you could reach out to youngpharaoh’s YouTube channel. If you guys did a podcast that would be amazing. He pointed out the other shady things about Facebook as well. You guys are awesome for helping people see the truth.

  2. I'll be glad when FB YOUTUBE and these other big techs ALL get their PROTECTIONS removed for good right after the PRESIDENT gets RE-ELECTED they should"'ve NEVER EVER HAD those protections to begin with

  3. After Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping attempt I have a feeling that will all the fake news and censoring that the social media owners allow that they might not be sleeping peaceful at night!!

  4. Everyone knew this was coming years ago. Everyone knew that Silicon Valley would be ramping up censorship right before the election. All of them should have their 230 protections revoked.

  5. That's because right wingers are trying to kidnap governors and blow shit up. Lefties are staging sit downs at meat packing plants, and protesting peacefully. The majority of violence is from the right, so it makes sense that they would be removed.

  6. How much of this is Facebook's fault though? I hear of different organizations boycotting Facebook, and celebrities doing the same, and legislators threatening Facebook with fines, etc. Is it their – Facebook's – fault, or has the left forced them into this position?

  7. As someone who was a leader of a Qanon group on FB with over 20,000 people, I feel this. The page is forever gone. A page containing irrefutable evidence on numerous topics. All gone. I can't begin to imagine potentially losing a page with millions of followers, just because the facts being posted go against the narrative. We're in an information war people and have been for years now. Keep fighting the good fight everybody ?

  8. The FCC should temporarily shutdown Google, Facebook, and Twitter leading up to the election (and afterwards, until it's completely decided) seeing they are openly trying to have a direct influence and impact on the election.

  9. Section 230 is a very good thing. It's the only thing keeping small sites from being buried legally for spurious reasons. Long term, sites like Facebook would be very happy for it to be repealed. They have enough money to fight such things. Effectively, it would ban their competitors. What needs to be done, really, is to clarify what decisions qualify as editorializing/publishing. Personally I believe this is a job for the courts, not the legislature. Certainly adding 'fact checks' is editorializing, for example. And above all, we NEED to be elsewhere.

  10. Why do you want Section 230 repealed? Repealing Section 230 would make this worse. Facebook would be required to take down even more content preemptively just to protect itself from potential risk. Section 230 reduces censorship by companies because they can wait for a complaint to remove content. If they are liable from the get-go they will have very restrictive policies. So will domain registrars and everyone else involved across the infrastructure that allows content to exist.

  11. There decision last year (? What is time at this point) setting the implied precident that social media outlets are not publishers had put American free speech on some pretty shaky ground, at least in practice. Legitimate conservative view points (not QAnon level stuff but like Mitt Romney conservative stuff) is increasingly being meet with counter hate speech levels of intensity in many of my online interactions. 10 years ago I was a moderate conservative I am now frequently called extreme right wing…My views haven't shifted. If tech is really looking at things with this lens we should all be very worried.

  12. Starting with Bush…then Bush jr and their further setting up FBI, CIA AND MEDIA! ****DARPA / LIFELOG / FACEBOOK!! IT WAS ALL IN THE "PLAN"!****