Facebook’s Censorship Exposed: Chris takes on Meta

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  1. I quited FB & TW since they deplatformed Trump. Any American (Though I am not one) who is okay with this tyrannical censorship would be an ideal citizen of the Banana Republic that this country is becoming.

  2. If we’re using left and right, then it makes Cheney, Bush, billionaires, corporations, dictators and globalists “left” and ordinary working people “right”

  3. If we have free speech, why do we need "fact checkers"? If someone was organizing to do crime, that would be a reason to shut them up, but apart from incentivizing to do harm, free speech is free speech! Actual crime could be a violation of privacy, organizing to kill or injure one or multiple persons, to damage properties or to steal. Just saying something of which cannot be proven it's true or false belongs still under the protection of free speech. This is an important human right!

  4. Personally I’m in sorts of FB probation for posting a picture of my thumb. Yes, that’s not an euphemism – My actual thumb

    I posted it as a reply to someone asking why Egyptian statues has no nose. Made the ”I’ve got your nose” fist and posted that.

    The picture was flagged for sexual content. Appearantly some people use their fist to insert in other for sexual purposes. This has resulted in that in some Facebook groups where admins has used some more restrictive settings my replies aren’t published but sent to the admins for vetting.

    This ”probation” is in effect for a full year. For posting a picture of my thumb. No way of getting it revised either. Made me get some other ideas about how to use my fist, I’ll tell you that!

  5. I made a comment about the First Amendment on Facebook and this libtard came back in a very condescending manner to point out Facebook is a private company we use for free and they can do as they please. A good example of how they think. If their side was being censored I'm sure they'd see things differently. But that's true and points out how we need our own forums who support our side. However the left essentially owns the media so their influence is pervasive. When #44 made it legal for the media to lie it was all downhill from there.

  6. If you search for "corona" on Facebook market place you will get zero results, well I do. But, if you search for "coronaa", all the results for "corona" will show up! WTF?

  7. john stossel is not a celebrated journalist. hes a quack. your channel used to give useful facts. sadly now its not, if u think pandering to the anti vax crowd will net you youtube money, im sorry but it wont. long time watcher but i had to say it.

  8. Fb just put me in jail, yet again but this time for a month. Just because I posted an article about the 2 Connecticut teenage brothers who died in their sleep, 3 and 4 days consecutively after their 2nd P 💉. The autopsy showed no previous issues other than the sudden heart issues, and no drugs were found in their system, and I repeated what the conclusion was as to the etiology of death was. They didn't like it (fb) Ironically they were only going to ban me for 7 days but when I contested it they changed it to a month. I already was placed low in the Newsfeed algorithm indefinitely for previous prison time

  9. I reposted a false article (Covid was actually a bacteria, etc) and readdressed each false point. [I had been accused of "lacking context" before. So I posted it and factchecked each point. I got put in fb jail

  10. What a joke with them having Peter Daszak be a fact checker on himself. He wasn't even one of those picked to look into the Woohan lab, yet they picked HIM to look into the lab leak theory.

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