Alarm bells should be ringing as facial recognition is being trialed in 5 Australian Schools.

Under the guise of safety, people are slowly being groomed to accept Orwellian type surveillance.

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  1. Some 'teachers' might soon find themselves in a bit of a 'legal situation' when some parents find out that they are carrying around facial photos of their kids (possibly with accompanying personal ID information) in their phones, and they decide that they don't like that arrangement.

  2. A great idea and worth all the trust of Australians. I dare you to show where in history has the government failed its citizens. Thank you Mr. Albanese for giving us a taste of the true custodians of this great country, the CCP.. God Bless the real 'set for life' winners..>> the politicians. God Bless Dan Andrews, Xi Jinping and all the new upcoming 'rock spiders' in government..

  3. Wow !!!!!!!!
    Who are these people ,
    They must have had a rough trot up till now ,,poor sods ,any way if they need to know my movements ,I Like shopping at woolies ,bunn bunningzzz ,scan murphys and taking long pno cruises down the Amazon super highway ,oh and observing trans blender adult footage on that can not be mentioned on platforms such as these ,so there it is ! In a nut shell
    Bless you Graham 🙏⚡️🕺🍻

  4. Schools are not safe anymore. Manny stores will do it and you will not know.
    Satan trying to be like the most High (God) who sees all things and knows all things.,
    as his time draws short.

  5. one simple way to stop this shit is stop sending your kids to school and teach them at home buy land and remove yourself from insanity and live off the land take mobile phones off children and stop voting for treasonous scum

  6. Say NO. Or is that 'too hard'? Take your child(ren) out of that school. And if it is going to every school, take your child(ren) out of school and home school them. Or is that 'too hard' too? It's all 'too hard' isn't it?
    One reaps what one sows…

  7. I have moved to Dubai. If you think you have an issue try living here. There are cameras everywhere watching your every move. It is an invasion of privacy but human rights do not matter here. You have none and they don't know what human rights means

  8. Global pandemic of totalitarian QR surveillance codes still persists around you: Your ultimate compliance test with your 'elected' government crime and corruption: left or right, albo or scomo, dependent or independent, red, blue or green alike.

  9. Tell me why the teachers smart phone should have all their students personal data on it, what if their security is good enough, what if the phone is lost and God forbid I mention the obvious sickos doing what sickos do with young girls photos.

  10. They are pushing this out big time in the UK..if anyone wants some true news down load UK Column … what they are doing to their health system will be the same here it's going to be hell on earth..stay as healthy as you can…

  11. This is just great isn’t it, I’ll tell you what happens if a peddo ends up with the data , your kids are fxxxed , but if they are caught , don’t mention who they are or you’ll end up in jail like pour old Aussie Cossack , the country is going to shit people and the sheeple are letting it

  12. Similar to the movie Gattaca with Ethan Hunt in it…
    Utterly distopian nightmare as people are actually allowing corporations to do this to everyone!
    It's exactly the same as having McDonald's put you in the naughty corner all because you did or did not order fries…
    Omfg 🤜🤜🤜🤜
    Pull your heads outa your asses everybody and demand this stops NOW!👍

  13. It really has got to the point that we should cover our faces while we work out what the hell is going on. They forced us to use face masks for the last two years while shopping. I wonder how Bunnings are going to react when I go to pick up some soil on the weekend with a ski mask covering my entire face.

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