Fact-checker back-pedals after ‘spreading misinformation’ on Joe Biden’s watch check

A fact-checker has become a “spreader of misinformation” after back-pedalling on a report Joe Biden did not check his watch during a ceremony for dead soldiers, according to Digital Editor Jack Houghton.

US President Joe Biden was recently caught on camera checking his watch during a ceremony for 13 soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan.

Daniel Funke, a fact check reporter for USA TODAY, told the world it was misinformation.

But shortly after Mr Funke said the watch-checking claims were false, families of the soldiers killed during the US withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan spoke out about seeing President Biden check his watch.

In an interview, one family member said Joe Biden did not check his watch “just once” but rather on “every single one that came out of that airplane” during the ceremony.

Daniel Funke has since said “I regret the error” and conceded Joe Biden checked his watch “multiple times during the ceremony”.

According to Mr Houghton, any power which Mr Funke has to “police speech and news stories” should be “revoked immediately”.

“The fact you haven’t yet been sacked, and you continue to publish fact checks, discredits your entire fact-checking operation,” Mr Houghton said.


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  1. Just remember, there are millions of people who actually do not, can not, or will not, see the blatant partisanship of the "fact checkers" and the MSM. They actually believe it's not there and if you ask them about it, they'll say "I haven't seen that"

    Whenever you wonder how things can keep going the way they are despite the obvious bias and hypocrisy, that's the answer. Millions of people suffering the effects of TDS who simply can't see the reality in front of them.

  2. #1. What gives ANYONE a right to tell another person they are wrong for their opinion??? It’s like they are trying to turn us into Robots??? We ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO OUR OPINION! Hello! 👋🏻 Discussion is a verbal debate and TOTALLY HEALTHY!!! You interfering busy bodies need to BACK OFF and STOP TRYING TO CONTROL EVERYONE! It will NEVER WORK no matter what you try THIS IS THE USA and it’s WE THE PEOPLE REPRESENT FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY! GOD HELP YOU ALL WHO THINK YOU CAN CONTROL THE WORLD! Jesus will be here soon and good luck with that, if you have chosen EVIL over RIGHTEOUSNESS!

  3. I have a GREAT IDEA FOLKS let’s ALL STOP USING COMPUTORS and just use our phones again! HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS – they WORSHIP MONEY so DO NOT SUPPORT THEM! The same with China 🇨🇳 they have BILLIONS OF made in China products ALL OVER THE WORLD RIGHT NOW!!! Please check EVERY BRAND NAME in clothes, food, electrical equip, tools and literally EVERYTHING! Stop being ADDICTED TO PRODUCTS and ordering through amazon!!! They have SWAMPED THE MARKET WITH THEIR PRODUCTS!!! The elite have SOLD US OUT TO THEM!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

  4. OMG…..Biden checked his watch…what a crime….call the fbi, cia and the police. Have him arrested and have Donald back as president…that would make sence….right??? Good grief. You call this news??? Seriously…how much did Donald pay you for this BS??? Absolutely nonsense.

  5. I'm going to play devil's advocate for one moment. Let's presume that his checking his watch was a habit he'd gotten into because of his job, and it was just a bit of unfortunate timing.–a sort of slip-of-the-tongue, as it were. HOWEVER, if that was the case and if Biden were a man of integrity he would just take his licks and admit he screwed up. Instead, he and his handlers and shills just double down and try to cover for him. It's no wonder that the word "politics" has become synonymous with deceit and manipulation.

  6. Talking about fact checking, check out the fact checkers that are approved.
    They're all affiliated in some fashion to Google.
    Who approves them?
    Google, no less.
    That aroma in your nostrils?
    Rattus to give it it's Latin name.

  7. USA today is nothing but a mouthpiece for the white house. They are the main "fact checkers" on FB. They're favorite thing is to say "you actually didn't see what you saw ON VIDEO".

  8. DEUS Nunca Dorme E Toda a corja na terra neste novo mundinho que vai de encontro á Sua Palavra e Modo como Devemos repito Devemos pois ELE nos Dá A Escolha e todos e cada um E Aí SIM Estamos OBRIGADOS A Escolher O BEM Ou omal pois ELE NÃO GOSTA DE GENTE MORNA!!! Quanto a Mim SÓ A ELE quanto ao mundinho Elitista Ocultista… SEM CONSENTIMENTO!!! Pois o que é Deles Está Guardado…AMÉM JFK

  9. Typical democratic cover up. We're wrong, we lied but we refuse to admit it so we spin it and lie on top of the lied. Democraps are sleazy, pathetic, dishonest and can't be trusted.

    F Joe Biden.
    Impeach the traitor.

  10. My mother just committed suicide. She was a full support of the
    democratic party and kept saying that Biden is doing the best he
    can…and the news kept saying this and the outside real world said
    another …She killed her self Oct 3.

  11. Why does Youtube allow Skynews to post this relentless nonsense ?
    Thy should have a special Youtube for Australia so they can lie to
    people in their own country without bothering Americans with this nonsense.

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