Fact Checkers ATTACK Tucker Carlson Over US-Funded Bio-Research Facilities In Ukraine

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave discuss the existence of biological research facilities in Ukraine,

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  1. In the end nothing, the US merely says will matter – just as it didn't matter what the Iraq had to say about it's research programs in 2002.

    If the Chinese think that the US has developed a biological weapon in 2019, targetting ethnical markers in Asia then they'll have a legitimate casus belli – period.

    If Americans weren't so dumb, they could rule the globe, instead of 'spinning narratives' about their constant destabilizing efforts…

  2. Just a simple rhetorical question : " Did you ask your self why all these American "Research " Biological Laboratories are located outside of US , on the territories of those countries such as Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan ,where the "colour " revolutions either happened or supposed to be happened ? What a " coincidence ?!"

  3. Like when Zuckerberg was in court. He had to come clean and say fact checkers use their own opinion (his) or Fakebook would have been ripped to peices for their misinformation. Zuckerberg is in the WEF and is pushing their evil agendas.

  4. Not to mention, just before bio labs were in the news, MSM said Russia was planning a “false flag” using bio weapons……. But if you go to articles saying this, they have been recently edited down to nothing. NYT wouldn’t even let subscribers to access the article with page not found. To now it being again edited to not mention Ukraine at all.

  5. We are very quickly approaching China in our tyrannical government, propagandist and and fascist intelligence agencies, and completely propagandist "Press."

  6. Maybe wait until there is proof of an actual "Wuhan Lab Leak" before mindlessly fearmongering over dangers about labs in Ukraine that you know nothing about.

  7. God willing the truth will come out and it will prove itself unequivocally! The light should clear out all this darkness and lies. People have been manipulated, abuse, control

  8. i think Russia will not used those biological laboratory in Ukraine if its TRUE.. because of what happened now about this PLANdemic that some of the FOOLitical entities in the US government and their virologist also some FOOLitical leaders on EU and North America that FUNDING for CREATING PATHOGENS on biological laboratory in Wuhan China.. i personally don't think that those globalist elites were not INVOLVED on this PLANdemic im thinking also that they FUNDED it for creating PATHOGENS then also their ANTIDOTE which is the BIO☣️HAZARD SOLUTION that they are FORCING EVERYONE WORLDWIDE to COMPLY by MEANS of BLACKMAIL and DEMONIZING,SUPPRESSION and DISCRIMINATION.. they MADE you SICK then return the FREEDOM for their BUSINESS.. the health☠️care💔system, maintenance medicine💊,hospitalization🏥and life☠️insurance⚰️..

  9. the governments as being told by their master overlord globalist elites to do.. they SUPPRESSED,DEMONIZED,
    ABUSE, OPPRESSED,REPRESSED, DISCRIMINATE and BLACKMAIL the PEOPLE WORLDWIDE to make them COMPLIED and they MADE YOU SICK by their 1st dose☣️,2nd dose☣️and BOOSTER☣️ in "EXCHANGE to GAVE BACK YOUR FREEDOM".. they gave you freedom but its TOXIC☣️..

  10. i think the main cause of falling those people in china one by one not because of the PLANdemic strain i doubt that they were injecting on people like starts from April 2020 mid 2020..

  11. who are those FUNDING for the CON-stuction of biological laboratory in Wuhan China and where they trained those chinese virologist for the research?..

  12. for me all those major world leaders that DESPERATELY KEEPS PUSHING the UNLAWFUL, SUPPRESSIVE, ABUSIVE, OPPRESSIVE, REPRESSIVE and DISCRIMINATORY mandate are the MOST GUILTY maybe because of their INVOLVEDMENT on FUNDING for CREATING the PATHOGENS on biological laboratory in Wuhan China.. that's why its a MASSIVE COVERUPS on those INVOLVED to EVADE and BYPASS the LAW and JUSTICE to makes them PROSECUTED and CONVICTED for what they have DONE..

  13. So why are the 336 U.S. biolabs located close to countries that the U.S. deemed unfriendly – Russia, China, Iran, Syria, etc?

    So we could unleash a bio attack on them, that's why!

    I knew from the get-go that Covid was a U.S. bioweapon attack on China.

    Now is it becoming more clear for everyone?

  14. my question is that in what administration did happened when they funded the biological laboratory in Wuhan China for the research on creating edited pathogens that can infect the people worldwide?..

  15. This show and its audience have really gone downhill. You all realize that in order to know how to treat a disease, it has to be researched, right? You all also know that nearly any disease can be weaponized, right? All Nuland said was there are research labs that, if they fell into Russian control, could have research the Russians might use in an attack. How is that being parsed as the labs were actively developing bioweapons which is what Tucker's original segment on the issue was implying as a tacit justification for Putin's action?

  16. Excuse me you three. It's not propaganda that Ukrain is infiltrated at every level by Nazis. Your own Western media like the Gurdain & NY Times among others wrote about this as far back as 2010.
    What exactly do you think C14 and Azov Battalion are? What do you think the Black Sun symbol on virtually every Ukrainian soldier's uniform stands for?

    Your govt is lying to you and you keep trying to twist what is obvious into some Russian or Chinese propaganda, its not.
    The ones doing the censoring are the liars, that's the U.S.

    Also very strange that Russia suddenly discovers its own bio labs from the soviet era. Then ask the US about it and the US has all the answers. These are not soviet labs these are US labs, just some of the 336 you have worldwide, barring the US.

    You're living in empire & having a hard time admitting that your govt has been lying to you since you've been born.

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