Fact Checking Fallacies, Dumb COVID Policies & More (w/Drs. Marty Makary & Vinay Prasad)

The boys are back in town 😂 and we talk COVID policy failures, fact-checking fallacies, criminalizing nurse Radonda Vaught’s fatal med error, Twitter “experts,” safetyism, fixing healthcare efficacy and costs, and MUCH more.

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Topics & Timecodes
00:00 Fact-checking the facts, COVID policy failures, RCT’s & parachute studies
08:11 Masking, vaccinating and boosting kids
22:28 Nurse RaDonda Vaught facing criminal conviction after a fatal med error
31:55 4th dose, Twitter giving rise to questionably qualified leaders, virtue signaling
45:30 Adolescent mental health, extreme safetyism, antifragility, mandates
1:25:42 Getting back to fixing healthcare, the burden of medical debt, healthcare’s hidden costs
1:33:01 Solutions like eliminating middlemen, price transparency & direct primary care
1:40:00 Long COVID further inflating cost, reductionism, NIH funding, finding the synthesis position
1:52:27 USA vs. European COVID strategies, mandatory boosters to keep medical license

Written by ZDoggMD


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  1. Great show! Where can I find more on the Sweden/Michigan Covid comparison? It is difficult to find literature on less restrictions vs. more, which in itself seems suspicious. I am always interested in real data, whether it confirms what I thought, or proves me wrong. Thank you for always presenting information in that same spirit!

  2. Intellectually stimulating….. it’s the first time in my life I have ever listened to any YouTube video for over two hours. My previous record of interacting with YouTube was approximately thirty minutes.

  3. I stopped listening to zdogg but decided to listen again now I know why I stopped listening ….Listen at 1:00 hr he calls doctor McCullough and doctor Malone idiots for creating never vaxers… they woke up people like him and made us aware of all this same cover up that they themselves are talking about …. I’d rather listen to Malone and McCullough anytime bye 👊🏼

  4. Bikes, helmets and masks 😷 Here in Kampala where the roads are some of the worlds most dangerous boda boda riders (motorcycle taxis) will ride with no helmet but a mask 😷 The crazy thing this is enforced by the police ….the masks 😷 not the helmet!
    Krazy Kampala

  5. Guys, we eat terribly. We're grossly obese. While I am a manage your own risk guy, it is not arguable that we aren't managing the risk worth a damn. We need to move from Take a Pill to get freaking healthy. Right now I get $50 for every number in my health metrics below threshold. Big whoop. Should be at least $500. Long term so much less expensive than say a cancer treatment or a triple bypass.

    Each person has to OWN their own Healthcare. Trusting the sh*t system is for fools and friends of Fauci.

  6. You hit the nail on the head with med errors. We keep upping the tech used in beside nursing so that it's "idiot proof"- the machine will think for us. The 5 Rs have now been computed for you. So, what's happening, we've stopped thinking throughout the process… we've made it easier to be complacent.

  7. Dear Zubin. I am a supporter.
    Here from Spain.

    I WORK IN AN ER department.

    Thanks so much for all this interviews. All this information during this insane 2 years.

    If you could post the links to the articles mentioned.

    Thanks so much Dr.s!

    Ana G.

  8. You guys are wonderful! You remind me of the wisdom of being "alt middle" and really THINKING in the midst of a load of BS in the media, etc. I am so grateful for your talents and courage. My only bit of constructive criticism is this: when you go a little heavy on the clever repartee (which I love, but only to a point?), sometimes you interrupt your guest a few too many time, talk over the guest, or get possibly caught up in being a little too clever? Keep up the good work, your contributions are invaluable.

  9. I am disappointed that this video is pandering to anti-vax sentiment – while there may be nuance to the issue, the generalized statements are publicized in a way to cater to citizens with limited scientific/medical knowledge – there is no room for specifics. Clearly, the benefits of limited contact, vaccines, etc. are still used to prevent/limit outbreaks. Yes, the nuance was lost when communicating policies to the masses, but this is a necessity, because nuance leads to citizens completely mistrusting the vaccine – For example, by stating that acquired immunity is equivalent to receiving a vaccine – citizens take that to mean that they don't need a vaccine OR it is preferred to a vaccine. I have heard this a hundred times from patients. This is an example of why nuance is not communicated to the masses. In contrast, portraying the vaccine as a necessity without regard to whether someone has contracted COVID => overall increased rates of vaccinations. I also don't agree with pointing out discrepancies in numbers when it comes to deaths. If preventative measures saved one person's life, then it is worth it. A life is a life, and medical professionals shouldn't laugh about people dying from a serious illness. Lastly, making jokes about teachers who are underpaid and just trying to get by while putting their lives at risk to teach your children and others, is so uncalled for. If a teacher feels safer with every child wearing a mask, then they can wear a mask. I also don't appreciate the racist accents/comments. Very unprofessional.

  10. 1:32:xx living this and only seeing clearly now that I am primary to manage for mom's finances. I knew she was struggling. But had no idea what this feels like until tackling this. SSA reps so kind and helpful. HMO reps so kind and helpful. In-network providers helpful. But the $$$ (billing process, collections, and "payment plan allocations") are nuts!

  11. I love it when people talk about how horrible the government handled something but then admit they’re a socialist… we need healthcare reform, not just letting the government control even more of our lives!
    If anything covid proved what it would be like if the government did gain more control in healthcare and it was frightening!

  12. Haven't watched this guy since before the Pfizer docs started coming out. Hope he now sees "conspiracy theories" are but "spoiler alerts" nowadays. 😁

  13. I almost drowned in sarcasm. 😂 Seriously though, what were you doing in the Attia podcast? Prefacing all statements as "Science", "Advocacy", "Blatant Sarcasm"? Something like that?

  14. I'm so glad that we have reached a point in this pandemic where we can be human and laugh at this nonsense they have put us through lol. Heads still need to roll though and people still need to go to prison or worse. This can never happen again

  15. Please bring someone like Keith Smith from the Surgery Center of Oklahoma to discuss solutions to health care costs. You guys talk, rightly in my opinion, about the importance of talking with the red team. Please walk that walk. Love your show, would love that honest intellectual discussion with someone like Keith and you guys.

  16. Very glad you took aim at Jha. I’m at Brown and he just reeks of a smug social climber. He started here in September 2020 and, despite doing thousands of media appearances, has to my knowledge never engaged with the university community. He dismisses other experts through credentialism even as he lacks specific expertise in ID, epidemiology, and virology. Vinay’s description of him as a weathervane is just perfect.

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